Donations are being solicited for an auction to be held in the Fellowship Hall at the rear of the Ashville Church of Christ in Christian Union, 420 Long St.,  Jan. 24, at 10:30 a.m. Food will be served and all proceeds will benefit the Ashville Food Pantry.

    Gently used items, including furniture, knick knacks, dishes, lamps, bedding, etc. are needed; no clothing please. Donations can be dropped off at the Fellowship Hall Friday on Jan. 23. For further information call Joyce at  983-2239, Carol at 207-1286, or Pam at 983-2161.


    Art Harris is home from the hospital after receiving a defibulator implant; his sister Nancy Bausum, is taking good care of him.

    The Royalaires are looking forward to the Westfall Gospel Sing, scheduled on March 6-7; Jerry Metzler and Susan and Michelle will sing March 7, we pray for Susan as she copes with a sciatica nerve problem.

     Saw Art Deal at the Post Office, he had a bout with pneumonia but is now able to be out a little. Lou is taking therapy for her knee, again.

     Our condolences to the families of these loved ones who have passed on:  Dorothy (Reed) Berger, Jan. 25, 1921–Jan 9, 2009; Ruby (Sprouse) Arnold, Oct. 7, 1934–Jan. 8, 2009; Eleanor (Seymour) Neff, Jan. 20, 1924–Jan. 12, 2009.


    Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Brandon C. Airey, son of Paula L. Airey of Ashville.

    Captain Jon B. (Brad) Fausnaugh, grandson of Virgil (Adah) Fausnaugh of Commercial Point.

    Navy Seaman Recruit Joshua D. Groves, son of Cathy L. and Glenn E. Groves of South Bloomfield.

    Daniel Stevens, 2008 graduate of Teays Valley High School.


    Robert and Vickie Crosby sent me this information about their grandchild: Callie Crosby and Nate Ehman are the proud parents of a baby boy, born Oct. 7, 2008.

    Little Tucker came early at 32 weeks, with numerous complications. 

    Tucker was transported to Nationwide Children’s Hospital where he has undergone several surgeries and is still in critical condition.

    The nurses call him, ‘the million dollar baby,’ even though the bill is probably closer to a million and a half.     Callie’s 9 year-old son Nick, just wants his brother to get home soon.

    Vickie and Robert asks the family be remembered by prayers and cards, to let them know we are thinking of them.     Send cards to Nate and Callie Ehman and Nick, 11480 Matville Road, Orient, OH 43146.

     Chuck “Butch” Runyon graduated from TVHS in the Class of 1964.

    Butch lived with his sister and brother-in-law, Esta and Dick Kincaid, on Jefferson Ave.

    Dick was stationed at Rickenbacker AFB. Butch remembers playing music with Arthur “Butch” Bremer, Rick Ford and (he thinks) Larry Rathburn. 

    He played football with Dave Roese, Bill Dore, Gary Pennington, Mike Seymour, John Ridenhour, Dennis Smith, and James McCoy.         Other good memories include his ‘fantastic’ teacher, Nelle Oesterle; Principal, Benis Lutz; and Mr. Waites, football and track coach. Mrs. Hickman was his drama teacher.

    Butch has fond memories of his year at TVHS playing football, running track and having his own local Rock Band.

    After Butch graduated, he attended West Virginia University for a while, then moved to Michigan where he still resides at Waterford.         Butch retired in 2006 from the Engineering Department for Oakland County Road Commission, and from a professional music career in 2003.    

    His music website is:">


    The Ashville Police Department has begun handling code enforcement within the village.

    In addition to code violations such as ‘junk” and/or abandoned motor vehicles, code violations will include old tires, trash and other refuse.

    Beginning in February, violators may be summoned to court.


    The deadline for Dog License renewal is Jan. 31.         Tags may be obtained from the Ashville Apothecary for $13.75 each and $68.75 for a Kennel Tag.


    Many questions need to be answered and concerns addressed before any decision is made about the proposal to ‘convert Berger Hospital to a private, not-for-profit operation’.

     In the Jan. 14, Circleville Herald, a comment attributed to Don Greeno, “Now Berger Health System wants to claim $100 million in assets for $1 a year?” should make us all concerned about the conversion proposition.

     The Pickaway County Board of Commissioners will host their own public meeting, Jan. 27.

    I urge everyone to take an interest in this very important issue and attend this meeting. I do not know the location of the meeting at this time.

    Keep warm — be happy — God Bless!