The Pickaway Country Club is in the process of getting a facelift, and in mid-March, weather permitting, it will reopen with the same name but with a different approach than the private members only golf of the past.

    Brassboys Enterprises Inc. of West Lafayette, Ohio purchased the Pickaway Country Club in November 2009 and they have been working since the purchase to get the course and clubhouse ready for the 2010 golfing season.

    “We want to be a product for all of Pickaway County and central Ohio,” said new general manager Lance Gibson.

    “When we say available for all, that is exactly what we mean. If a person thinks they should get preferential treatment because they were a member here under the old club setup for many years, they should probably go somewhere else and look for another club,” said Gibson.

    “All are welcome here on an equal basis.”

    Players on the new public course will see several changes from the old country club.

    “We moved the tee box on number three back to the road which will add 95-plus yards,” said Gibson, “but we kept it at a par four.”

    The ditch which crossed number 18 has been dug out and two  ponds have been added—one at the end of number 18 and one at the end of number three—toward the end of and on either side of the road which leads to the clubhouse parking lot.

    The ponds, according to Gibson, will factor into play but will also catch and hold water.

    “Periodically we will pump the two ponds up to the lake at the number four teebox and that will give us enough water to use on the course during the extremely dry weather,” said Gibson.

    Another improvement will be to bring back the teebox on number six by the old railroad tracks, which will add yardage and move the hole up to a par five instead of the old par four.

    With the changes to number six the entire course will move to a par 72 setting.

    A last change to the course is the pool has been eliminated.

    “We took the pool out last fall and graded the slope behind it,” said Gibson.

    The original golf course was built in 1927 and was named the Pickaway Country Club, according to Gibson. It was left virtually unchanged until the second nine holes were designed in 1972 and put into play in 1973, making PCC an 18 hole course.

    Pickaway Country Club was designed by golf course architect Jack Kidwell, who also designed the other Brassboys owned course in Ohio at Hickory Flat Greens in West Lafayette.

    A new clubhouse was built in 1990.

    “The new clubhouse was 4,000 square feet upstairs and 4,000 square feet downstairs,” said Gibson.

    “We’ll probably only use the mens’ and womens’ locker rooms and the office space downstairs,” said Gibson.

    Upstairs, the bar area in the clubhouse has been relocated and a pro shop has also been installed.

    “We’ll still have the restaurant in the clubhouse,” said Gibson. “We will have a daily “golfer’s menu” of sandwiches, snacks, and beverages.  “An ‘elevated’ menu will be available for meetings, parties, banquets, and receptions also,” he said.

    Don McIlroy will be the new clubhouse manager at PCC.

    Instead of buying country club memberships as was done in the past Pickaway Country Club will sell golf passes starting this year.

    A person can buy a golf pass for the year and a cart and greens fees are included in the price of the pass, according to Gibson.

    Each holder of a golf pass will also have a free locker in the locker room, and they will receive a 10 percent discount in the pro shop.

    A new cart fleet of 70 carts has been secured.

    Those not wishing to buy a golf pass can pay greens fees for a given day also. There will be spring and summer greens fees, according to Gibson.

    “Walking players are permitted,” said Gibson, “Monday through Friday at any time, and after 12 noon on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.”

    Besides their Ohio locations at Pickaway Country Club and Hickory Flat Greens in West Lafayette, Brassboys Enterprises also owns and operates four golf courses in Florida: Miona Lake Golf Club in Wildwood, Lakeside Country Club in Inverness, Citrus Springs Country Club in Citrus Springs, and the Country Club at Silver Springs Shores in Ocala. Corporate officers are Clark (Skip) Smith of Newcomerstown, Ohio and R. Clark Smith of Ocala, Florida.

    For additional information, interested persons can call the clubhouse at 477-3438, or they can go to: