CIRCLEVILLE — John F. Kennedy once famously stated “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” The Pickaway Competitiveness Network, an offshoot of the Pickaway County Community Foundation, has taken these words to heart with their new Leadership Fellow Program.

“Many donors and volunteers have contributed to this program because they see the value of investing in people to lead this county,” said Sereana Dresbach, PCCF Chairperson.

“These leaders will be our elected officials, appointed board members, philanthropic leaders, business owners and operators; all who will help keep this county a great place,” she added.

The Pickaway Leadership Fellows are a group of individuals from various local organizations and businesses, such as Berger Health Systems and the Board of Developmental Disabilities, who engage in informational sessions designed to enhance managerial skills.

The program is divided into eight sessions that run through May, covering topics ranging from local economics to the impact of national dialogue on Pickaway County.