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CIRCLEVILLE— Three local law enforcement leaders have been found in violation of a U.S. federal law called the Hatch Act, which prohibits government employees from using their authority or influence to sway an election.


The Sledgehammers recently won the Circleville Girls Softball League Peanut Division regular-season championship and took second in the tournament. The team is coached by Gene Weber, Chrisha Weber, Shannon Gaskin and Scott Gaskin. Front row, from left, are Caraline Kirkland, Kynlee McKnight,…

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Pickaway Commuter

By Amy J. Randall-McSorley

Amy resides in Pickaway County with her husband, Gary, and their three rescued dogs. As an adult, she earned her bachelor’s degree from Capital University in organizational communications with a minor in psychology. She then earned her master’s degree in the science of marketing and communications from Franklin University, and is currently pursuing her doctoral degree from Walden University. Amy works for Nationwide Children’s Hospital and has authored two books under her former name, Amy J. Cooper: Wicked Dreams and The Hills of Circleville.

From the Hayloft

By Sarah Roush

Other than a short escape to attend college, Sarah is a lifelong resident of Pickaway County. A graduate of Westfall High School and Rio Grande College, she often defends the legitimacy of those degrees while she is spouting off nonsense and pig-headed opinions. She advocates volunteerism and baking as a means to improving the world.