March 22

3:45 a.m. A caller in the 200 block of West Mound Street told police someone was running around his home and knocking on the windows. Police found nobody.

1:54 p.m. On Houston Street, a woman claimed that someone had removed an upstairs window and placed it in the backyard.

2:29 Police took a report after a caller asked for them meet at a Half Avenue address so she could retrieve her medication.

6:08 Nothing was found by a rescue squad after police responded to a South Washington Street address when a caller reported smelling an odor of carbon monoxide, an odorless gas. All residents were advised to evacuate the premises safely

March 23

1:58 p.m. At the Tractor Supply on U.S. Route 23, police were notified of a male who was approaching people for money.

The caller stated it was a male wearing a pair of beats headphones and green, scrub-like sweatpants and a flannel sweatshirt. Nobody fitting that description was found.

2:35 Some folks got a little more than story time at the Pickaway County Library. A caller told police there was a male acting “very erratically” and talking about aliens. The man left before police arrived to the library.

2:44 A woman declined to get transported for medical help after crashing her vehicle into a tree in the front yard of a Watt Street residence. The resident of the home contacted police alerting them to the event adding it appeared that she had a seizure. She told police the vehicle was still running and that was child in the backseat who does not appear injured. The caller stated that the female is unresponsive behind the steering wheel and it appears that she may have had a stroke. She was drooling and some blood was coming from her mouth. The caller shut the vehicle off and removed the child from the car.

10:40 At a West Main Street pub, a woman told police that a male [name redacted] kept standing between her and her husband as they tried to talk to each other. The male, a report said, also tried pushing her getting his dog to attack her. A report was taken.

March 24

1:54 a.m. At the same pub as above, police took a report about a man who had been knocked-out. A second person called police seven minutes later saying he saw the male suspect take off after hitting the victim.

March 25

4:39 p.m. Police were called out to an apartment complex in the 400 block of Lancaster Pike after a complaint of three males, ostensibly soliciting for a business [name redacted], became aggressive with residents and threatened to vandalize their vehicles. A report was taken. Similar complaints about solicitors also came into police at 6:06 p.m. from a Gale Court caller and a second from a Lewis Avenue caller a half hour later.

8:40 Three separate calls into police, each from the Watt Street, Lancaster Pike, and East Main Street area, detail dispute between a man and woman. The first call said the individuals were in a maroon four-door sedan with a tire on the rear of it. The male half, the caller said, appeared to be extremely intoxicated. The second call advised police of a red Pontiac Vibe leaving Lancaster Pike toward Main Street. The third caller told police of a white female wearing all dark clothing running from Kroger to the UDF and across the street into an alley. Police were unable to locate anything matching the vehicle descriptions.

March 26

4:22 p.m. A West High Street caller asked for an officer to talk about a 6-year-old female who, while on a school bus, stole the glasses of the caller’s 6-year-old daughter. No report was taken but the parents of the child in question said they’ve been having problems with the girl stealing from their child a well. The school’s resources officer would be notified.

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