Saturday, June 13, 2020 was a good day for me. I awoke early in anticipation of a day that would let me escape from “staying at home” after months of doing so.

At 7:30 a.m., I was on my way to the Northeast Ohio District 1 & 2 Holstein Show, with son, Mark as my chauffeur and “Tex”, a friend of the family. As we drove, we talked about numerous subjects, enjoyed the sights…corn growing, hay mowed and waiting to be baled, cattle in the fields, the long line at McDonalds waiting for their morning coffee and more. They were the ordinary sights usually seen on a June morning, yet today they all seemed special.

We had started out with the windshield wipers running, as there was a light rain, however, within a few miles of Lisbon and the Columbiana County Fairgrounds, the sun began to shine. There was no way that Mother Nature was going to allow this day to be anything but bright and beautiful!

As we pulled into the fairgrounds, all those pickup trucks and cattle trailers were such a welcome sight. It meant that the dairy farmers and Holstein breeders were ready to get activities back to normal as much as possible. As I headed to the show ring, there were waves and calls from friends as they went about their preparations for the show. I climbed the steps to the announcer’s booth, found a chair and set about checking the microphone and getting needed equipment ready.

The show began with Junior Holstein breeders, all ages up to 21, competing in three separate age classes and doing their best in showmanship. I have such respect for these kids who work so hard on their farms every day, love their Holsteins and take showing in showmanship so seriously. They are the best!

And then it was time to call the first class of the show, with 16 different age classes to show, group classes and the selection of the champions. Thus began a parade of outstanding and beautiful registered Holsteins! The quality was superb from top to bottom! The judge, Jeremy Adams, from Urbana, Ohio, had his work cut out for him! He took his time, looked at each animal thoroughly and chose his winners. At the end of the day, some exhibitors went home excited and happy with their accomplishments, others will return to another show in hopes of winning the blue ribbon next time.

Things seemed different for me the week following the show. For weeks, I had been content to just sit around the house, doing only what had to be done. I would think about chores or cleaning or things I should be doing and I would tell myself, “Maybe tomorrow”! The only news reported was constantly the virus, sickness and death, gloom and doom. I have three lawns that I mow and I would find reasons to put off going out to get started on them until late afternoon.

Suddenly, the week following the show, I found myself rising earlier and wanting to do things! I cleaned a load of trash out of my basement and hauled it to the garbage bin. I suddenly found myself out mowing lawns early in the morning! I declared war on weeds and groundhogs. I was doing more cooking. I actually wanted to do some housecleaning! I felt a newly found sense of freedom. Getting to attend and announce that cow show was a great day for me! It changed my attitude!

There is no doubt that many of those other people at that cow show went home feeling better, just as I did. We need to get back not only to cow shows, but to all the many different things that relieve the strife, stress and troubles that every person deals with in their daily life. That can change our feelings and our attitudes! Give us back our freedom to hold and enjoy not only cow shows, but all the many activities that give us peace and pleasure. It’s time!

Barb Lumley wrote this column to be published in The Circleville Herald. The views of this column may not necessarily reflect that of the newspaper.

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