All I wanted to do was to make something that the great-grandchildren liked for a snack. I wanted it to be something that was easy to make and didn’t take much time. The perfect answer seemed to be Jello. They seem to especially like the red kind. An easy decision — easy to make. No problem. Or so I thought!

As most of you remember, I recently remodeled my kitchen, which required taking everything out of my cabinets. In putting everything back, for numerous reasons, not everything has been put back in the same place. Some things have been relocated to lower shelves so I do not have to climb on something to get them.

Some of the lower cabinets where I kept canned goods have been equipped with pull-out containers so I don’t have to get down on my knees to reach things in the back. After having things in a certain place for over 50 years and embedded in my memory, the changes tend to cause me occasional problems. And so it was when I went looking for the Jello.

For years, the boxes of Jello and pudding mix were kept in a small red basket on the turntable in my corner cabinet. So that is where I went to get it. I turned the table round and round — no little red basket! No Jello!

I checked behind all the other containers — no little red basket! I stood there saying to myself, “It has to be there, I wouldn’t have thrown it away!” It wasn’t! And still isn’t! I’m still looking for the little red basket and the packages of Jello that I know were in it! I am sure I will find it someday in some unexpected place!

Why is it that when you take everything out of a cupboard, closet, drawer, machine shed or any other type of storage area, when you try to put it all back in, it won’t fit! It all came out of there — why won’t it all go back in? It seldom does! That is another problem I have encountered after remodeling.

I have an antique cherry cupboard with an enclosed bottom section and a top section with two doors with 12 panes of glass in each. Over the years, I have collected items that I display in the top section. None of the items are very valuable, just pretty to look at and many have sentimental value. As I collected things, I kept finding a way to place them in the cupboard. They were all removed, washed and boxed during the remodeling. Now I am trying to put all those items back in. I can’t! They won’t all fit!

One of the items I can’t find room for are the 18 shot glasses I have collected over the years. That’s a lot of shot glasses for someone who doesn’t drink! I have always had whiskey available, most of it given to me by deer hunters as a gift. Years ago, when my grandpa raised sheep, he always carried a flask of whiskey with him when he checked on his newborn lambs in the early spring when the weather was still cold.

He gave them whiskey and that would warm them up and get them going. Years later, I always kept a bottle of whiskey in the cupboard in the milk house and when we had holstein baby calves born in very cold weather, I mixed whiskey with the colostrum milk and gave it to them to get them warmed up and off to a good start.

I once had a milkman named Burson who felt he needed to be perked up once in a while also, regardless of the weather! He was a really nice fellow and a good milkman, so I didn’t mind his imbibing occasionally. Those shot glasses and a few other things are going to have to be stored elsewhere.

My advice to everyone is, “If you are going to clean out any type of container, large or small, no matter what kind it is or what is in it, if you plan on putting the items back in, take a picture of it before you empty it.”

In this day and age almost everybody has a phone with a camera and if you don’t, I am sure you know someone that does. The picture will remind you of what was in there and how it was placed, making it much easier to put things back. Of course, you probably won’t be able to get everything back in the container! Why? That is just one of those “mysteries” of life!

Barb Lumley wrote this column to be published in The Circleville Herald. The views of this column may not necessarily reflect that of the newspaper.

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