At the beginning of the new year, I made a resolution to read and learn about things that I am not familiar with. Once again, I am working on that resolution.

I am learning about remodeling and selecting the proper paint colors. When managing the farm and breeding Holsteins, colors were not a problem. When the ground is plowed, the color is brown; when alfalfa is grown, it is green; when the corn is harvested, it is yellow, etc.

When breeding Holsteins, the selections were black and white, midnight and white or strawberry crush and white, or cherry delight and white! They were either black, or red and white! The choice was easy.

In remodeling and selecting paint for my kitchen, the choice of paint colors has not been so easy. I have not painted anything in several years and the new modern colors with all their tones and hues are quite different from what used to be available.

My kitchen cupboards are maple, one wall is covered with pine barn siding and the new flooring is light tan with some darker highlights. The color for the ceiling and walls down to the wainscoting was not difficult, “interactive cream.”

The difficulty came in choosing a color for the “wainscoting or chair board,” which has been a darker color than the walls. Not being experienced in decorating and painting with today’s colors, I assumed that I needed a “brown tone.”

Paint chart in hand, with pages from 101 to 316 and seven different color tones on each page, I proceeded to try to find the color that was right and that I liked. I have learned that the color chips do not always show the true color! The first one I chose was “Smokey Topaz.” My carpenter, Doug, had picked up the paint for me and when he applied a few brush strokes to the wall, it was too light in color, even after it dried.

Doug offered to take the paint back to the store and have it darkened. He did that, tried the paint again and again; it was still too light, so back to the store to darken it some more.

Thank goodness the store isn’t far away! Once again, he painted a section of the wainscoting and let it dry. I liked the color and it was an attractive color, but I didn’t think it was right for the colors of the kitchen, thinking that we needed a browner color. So, once again, Doug headed for the paint store to get another gallon of paint called “Copper Pot,” which looked like brown on the chip.

It was my understanding that “Nick” at the paint store had been very helpful and even expressed concern about how much the paint was costing me, however, when he saw Doug coming in again, he probably said, “Oh, no, not you again!”

He was probably wondering what kind of a difficult and crazy old lady that Doug was working for! Fortunately, Doug has been very patient with far!

Once again, Doug painted the entire wall and when it dried, it looks like orange! I do not like it! I now refer to it as my “citrus kitchen!” I was feeling very guilty about putting my carpenter and the man at the paint store through all this, and trying to decide what to do, when a person with more knowledge and experience in remodeling and painting cam to my rescue over the weekend.

After a welcome conference with him concerning the paint, as well as some other remodeling plans, it was decided that Doug will repaint the wainscoting with the paint we started out with that was twice darkened! I have been assured that the color will work, even though it is different and more modern.

I don’t read the magazines that are all about decorating, painting and furniture. I read Holstein and dairy magazines, so my remodeling knowledge is very limited. Keeping the barn and milkhouse painted didn’t require much knowledge, as the milk inspector just wanted it white.

I have definitely learned from this experience that whether you are remodeling your homes or breeding registered Holsteins, regardless of what task you are undertaking in life, it is wise to seek advice from someone who has already done it and can share their knowledge and experience.

Barb Lumley wrote this column to be published in The Circleville Herald. The views of this column may not necessarily reflect that of the newspaper.

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