Sarah Roush

Sarah Roush

I feel like I may have stepped into the twilight zone this week. So many odd things have taken place, and I have seen and heard enough of them that it has left me scratching my head and wondering if the world has lost its ever-loving mind.

Saturday, I was at an event for work. It was in a hotel just north of Columbus and in a facility, which did not have a mask mandate, I witnessed a woman loudly berate several hotel staff members regarding what she felt was a serious oversight of human safety precautions.

The poor janitor she was yelling at clearly knew he was not getting paid enough for this sort of abuse, especially since he was obviously not in a position to set company policy. It was not until she turned around that I truly appreciated the stupidity of the situation. The woman had her mask on, but it only covered her chin. Her nose and mouth were clearly not covered.

To make the scene even more ridiculous, when she saw members of her party arrive, she rushed up to them and gave them hugs, kisses and was in extremely close proximity while laughing and carrying on. She was oblivious to the fact she had just negated any value of a mask mandate. I caught the eye of the janitor and rolled my eyes while shaking my head. I think he appreciated the solidarity of the moment.

Sunday, I had a friend who sent me a video link to some girls working on new hairstyles. Either they were all dumb, or one was dumb and the other two were malicious. I am not certain; it could go either way.

The one young girl with a head full of beautiful, long, light-blonde hair was on the floor, and the other two were talking about how her hair was going to be “soooo cool” after they were done. They then proceeded to spread her hair across the surface of a waffle maker and shut the lid. Yes, a waffle maker.

The faces of the iron were spritzed with nonstick spray, the hair was spread across the lower plate and the lid was shut. After five to six minutes, they opened it up, I did not notice the light change on the maker so maybe it was the scent of burning hair indicating it was done?

The hair as it was on the plate of the waffle maker was slightly gridded with a waffle pattern. They “oohed” and “aahhed” over what they had done. What they did not notice was there was a section of hair — in a perfect round shape which was now several shades darker than the rest of her hair. They had scorched a large portion of this girl’s hair and I have no doubt it was breaking off by the next day.

Due to the location of the burn, she was going to wind up with a noticeably shorter haircut because of how high up those burnt strands were. Unbelievable.

Finally, on Monday, I had stopped at a local upscale grocery store near my office. As I was walking in, a well-dressed younger woman asked me where the pumpkins were. Since she was standing in front of a display of pumpkins, I wasn’t certain what she meant. Thinking she might have been wanting a pie or white pumpkin, I asked her what type she was seeking.

She turned toward me and in a very rude tone, announced she wanted ones with the faces. I responded that I didn’t know anything about those, and she should ask inside; I tried to continue into the store. That’s when she stepped in front of me and yelled that I should know this information and I was being racist for not knowing.

Excuse me?

I flat out told her she was being offensive and since I did not work at this place, I would have no idea what they had in regard to any product they sold. Again, she called me a racist, then a liar and continued to yell at me. By then, a store security guard had noticed her behavior, but he was not making any effort to step in.

I simply did not have time for this nonsense or abuse, so I simply turned and headed back to my car; she followed yelling obscenities and insults every step of the way. A simple errand to buy a vanilla bean left me feeling humiliated, angry, disgusted and sick to my stomach.

There were additional instances which left me shaking my head, including a request for the return of a pager, which had been dropped into a toilet in the men’s room more than two weeks ago, where it had been residing in the pipes all this time. Completely above my pay grade and not something I was going to deal with other than letting the building maintenance know why they might be having issues in that restroom.

I am hopeful the rest of the week will provide less examples of dumb, dumber and dumbest, otherwise I may develop whiplash from shaking my head so much. In the meantime, anyone with common sense who wish to keep me company in this twilight zone of stupidity, will be more than welcome.

Written and submitted by Sarah Roush for The Circleville Herald. The views of this column may not necessarily reflect that of the newspaper.

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