The numbers for the question, “How many illegal aliens are in the United States?” vary so wildly that there is no accurate number. The numbers handed out by so many different agencies, supposedly in charge of these figures, are no more accurate than pure guesses and conjecture.

A few years ago, I read the numbers, between six million and 10 million. They were merely guesses also. The latest figures I read are between 10,000,000 and 22,000,000! The times they are a-changin’!

These two numbers are still no more accurate than past figures. No agency of our government will boldly admit that they have no idea how many illegal aliens are wandering around within our borders. All they know is that it is in the many millions.

Yet, we (our beleaguered Border Patrol) are supposed to provide food, shelter, clothing, medical care, for all who steal illegally across our borders. Particularly, at the moment anyway, our southern border with Mexico.

At times the illegal flow has passed the 100,000 per month mark several times in the past. If it were 100,000 in a year, it might be possible, but all the people at the border say these high numbers of illegal aliens have overwhelmed our best humanitarian efforts. I for one believe them.

Sometimes, it takes a simple comparison to show the magnitude of a problem. The population of New York City in 2018 was 8,398,748. It would take more than 2.5 cities the size of New York City to provide the type of services and lifestyle the newest candidates for president insist the illegal aliens are constitutionally due to them.

Let’s forget for a moment the 10 to 22 million who are already here and hiding in plain sight. Let’s just look at a month’s supply of newbies from south of the border — 100,000 at times in only a month. Vacaville, California has a population of 100,154. Do you think that a city of over 100,000 is a tiny little town, or do you think it is a fair sized city? I think it is a fair sized city, myself.

Of course, I’m a bit old-fashioned and not running for president. I ask you this: do you think it is feasible or affordable or even practical to build a city as large as Vacaville, California, each month on our southern border to house and care for each 100,000 group of illegal aliens flooding our borders? Not just the housing, but hospitals, food stores, transportation, communications... whatever is required for them. Don’t forget, of course, Lawyers! Not just any lawyer, mind you, those familiar with immigration law.

Our fair City of Logan is a small city. Some might even say, we are tiny, city-wise. To take proper care of all our southern border illegal immigrants for a month (in the manner to which our presidential candidates think we should) we would have to build 14,285 cities the size of Logan, Ohio to care for them properly. Of course, I would hope that we wouldn’t have to build new Field Houses along with the rest of the buildings.

So, do you think, as one of our presidential candidates hinted, that there are no crises at the border, only poor management, or do you think there might be a teensy-weensy bit of a problem there that excellent management would solve? It would probably be wise not to answer that question. Especially in front of a presidential candidate.

I’ll answer it, though. I agree that there are no crises at our southern border with Mexico. What we have there is a catastrophe! A catastrophe brought on by many ignored crises!

The Border Patrol has practically begged Congress and all of Washington D.C. for real help down there for several years now. They have been ignored by Congress, whose duty it is to answer their pleas.

Instead, party politics are causing the untold misery of many unfortunate people. A firm message, one way or another, has never been issued from people who would use the catastrophe to bolster their bids and re-bids for party office. Party first, people second. That’s a great motto, isn’t it?

Bud Simpson writes a weekly column published in The Circleville Herald. The views of this column may not necessarily reflect that of the newspaper.

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