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Schoolhouses during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s were still one-room affairs, but had modernized to better seating, better maintenance and were overseen by a board of directors.

Muhlenberg Township in 1909 had a staff of seven teachers: L. L. Leech, Harvy Grabill, Minnie Dennis, George Neff, Glen Justice, Tracy May and Jemima Johnson. Records show they were paid $43 for one month, with the exception of Mr. Leech who received $85 per month for teaching the high school.

In addition to their teaching duties, each acted as the janitor for his or her school, receiving a fee of $2 per month. The Clerk of the Board of Education was paid quarterly and received $16 for his services.

Each year, an appointment was made by the board for a required enumeration of all students, listing their parents, age and school district. In 1909, Wm. Reid, J. A. Miller, Wm. McGuire, Thomas Hill and R. D. Whiteside performed these duties. Board of Education members were M. F. May, J. H. Willson, F. A. Beatty, and C. T. Neff and were paid $14 or $16 for their service.

Records show that the school yards were fenced and mowed and the school houses were repaired and cleaned prior to school’s start each year. Each school had a pump to supply water and an outhouse which was cleaned each year. Stoves were repaired, stove pipes replaced and were heated with coal.

Walter Girton was the truant officer and evidently only paid when his service was needed. He was paid $1.35 for services and supplies one time during the year.

Darlene Weaver is the director of the Pickaway County Historical & Genealogical Library.

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