Two events are happening to benefit Partners For Paws and the Wright Poling Pickaway County Dog Shelter.

As you shop around Circleville and Ashville, be on the lookout for donation containers advertising “Santa Paws collecting donations for the Dog Shelter.”

This is an opportunity for you to donate dog food, treats, HE laundry detergent, bleach and bleach pods, leashes and harnesses which are always in need at OUR dog shelter.

The following businesses are hosting a Santa Paws donation container until December 19th:

Circleville Physical Therapy – 1414 N. Court St.; N. Court Family Dentistry – 1412 N. Court St.; Village of Ashville, Administration Office – 200 East Station St.; Blades Pizza – 286 Long St. Ashville; Exhale Day Spa – 120 W. Main St.; Lindsey’s Bake Shop – 127 W. Main St.; Kroger – 175 Lancaster Pike; Pizza Hut – 1240 N. Court St.

The following businesses host a Santa Paws donation container ALL YEAR LONG:

Edward Jones – 116 E. Main; Jones Groom Room – 844 N. Court St.; Drs Ely, Dubos, Stewart, General Dentistry – 1200 Lancaster Pike; PetValu – 160 Summit Ave (Walmart complex); Roundtown Paws & Claws Grooming – 219 E. Main.

TO MAKE OUR LIVES EASIER! The Dog Shelter staff, along with Paws volunteers, will be located in Kroger’s lobby, selling Dog Tags from 11 am till 2 pm on Saturday’s beginning December 8th.

December 8th and December 15th will be dog tag sale days at Kroger, then every Saturday in January dog tags will be sold in Kroger’s lobby. Dog Tags sell for $15.00. This is a bargain to keep your dog identified should he/she get lost.


I read a piece entitled “A day in the life of a dog tied in the back yard” I decided to share it with my readers and hope that you all will share it with your family and friends.

“6:00 am – I can see and hear people moving around in the house but no one comes outside to check on me. They are talking and laughing; I wish I could be with them.

6:30 am – I’m hungry and thirsty. I tipped over my food and water bowls last night when I got tangled in my chain.

8:15 am – The people who live in the house are all leaving. I try to run toward them with my tail wagging, hoping they will notice me, but my chain snaps me backward and I fall to the ground. It’s no use.

8:15 am – 2:00 pm – I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with myself. I can’t protect the house from my chain. I don’t have any toys to play with and there are no other dogs to keep me company. Maybe if I bark, someone will show me what to do or come and play with me. I decide to bark all day.

2:30 pm – The animal bylaw officer arrives and posts a notice on the door of the house. He looks pityingly at me. Do I look bad? I know I’m dirty but it’s hard to stay clean when I’m always sitting in dirt. I pace in circles and growl and bark at him because I don’t know what else to do. I growl and bark at other people passing my yard too.

3:15 pm – The smallest person from the house has returned. Maybe he will play with me! He does not. I go to the bathroom in the same place I always go, a few feet from my shelter.

5:30 pm – The rest of the people are home. One of them removes the notice left by the animal bylaw officer and yells at me to stop barking. I pace back and forth, confused.

6:00 pm – I smell food in the house. I am still hungry and thirsty.

7:00 pm – One of the people from the house comes out to see me. He fills my food and water bowls and I am so happy for this attention that I jump up in excitement, spilling both bowls and dirtying his clothes. He scolds me and declares that this behavior of mine is one of the reasons I am not allowed to live in the house with him.

8:00 pm – Another lonely night. I dream about being on a chain because it’s all I know.”

This article touched my heart because periodically I receive phone calls from good citizens who are concerned about a neighbor’s dog being left out side, chained up.

Winter is fast approaching and I can’t imagine our dog Annie being left out in the cold for hours. Please be good citizens and keep an eye on pets who may be neglected. When the good book says “love thy neighbor” it also means the neighbor’s pets.

I wish all my readers a beautiful holiday season.

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