Sarah Roush

I breathed a sigh of relief too soon. The morning after election day, I thought, no more robo-calls. No more emails, no more junk mail. Life can get back to what is typically peaceful if not chaotic. Except….

It’s time to review and renew our health care coverage contracts. Given the choice of pouring through all the confusing documents and alternatives to coverage, I would rather sit on the hood of a pickup that had been driven all day in August. It would be less painful. Probably.

I REALLY miss the days of having a Human Resources person reviewing the materials for me and summing up my choices down to the option of “do you need prenatal care or not.”? In and out in four minutes. Tops. It was so awesome, and to think, I did not even appreciate this luxury at the time.

The cost of the insurance is staggering to start with and the deductible for an individual is more than the total cost of my first three cars – COMBINED. Although, in all fairness – some of those cars were crap, but, that’s not the point.

The phone calls, e-mails and flyers promise me a “wide variety of choices” of carriers. What they fail to mention is because of some sort of bureaucratic hatred for people who need to purchase their own insurance – our county is actually only offered two choices. The one company carries all the doctors and hospitals my husband uses. The other one covers the doctors and hospital that I use. Can’t these insurance companies and purveyors of medical care just get along? It’s like trying to decide which ant hill I want to perch on for the next year, because no matter which choice is made; there will surely be some biting going on.

It seems every time the home or cell phone rings, there is some ANNOYING peppy voice spewing rubbish such as “NOW, IT THE TIME TO SELECT FROM A WIDE RANGE OF COMPANIES ANXIOUS TO SERVE YOU AS YOU SELECT YOUR HEALTH CARE COVERAGE FOR 2019! “. Liars.

An e-mail had the nerve to suggest the whole process would be “fun”. It was probably written by someone who thinks reading tax guides are fun.

To add insult to injury, since Sparky is covered by the state insurance program; we are also getting flyers about selecting HIS insurance. (He only gets one choice, but still….) His choices include free or low-cost prescriptions, minimal or no-copays and will even cover transportation. I won’t lie. I am jealous.

Thankfully, our company has someone who is helping navigate this mess and by weeks end, I will probably be done with the whole shebang. I do feel sorry for everyone who is not so fortunate. I hope they seek out some insurance guru who can simplify this information for them, because what is presented now in a mish mash of details isn’t working. For now, my choices are down to deciding by eeney-meeny or one potato, two potato… because neither one is going to make me happy.

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