As a 32-year resident and proud parent of four Amanda-Clearcreek graduates, I would like to address with you the extremely important issue of school funding, and the importance of the current 1% traditional school district income tax levy being put before the voters of our district.

Education is not cheap, it requires funding. It is our responsibility as members/owners of our school district to ensure the adequacy of its financial health as we do with our own households. Education is a great benefit to everyone, poor or rich, retired or working and with or without children in our school. Education should be a foundation and proud value, not only in our school but in our community as well.

As a member of the Core Team for the Amanda-Clearcreek strategic planning initiative, I was truly impressed by the strategic planning presentation delivered by our principals, superintendent, teachers and treasurer at the March meeting. It was informative/eye opening and gave me a new level of appreciation and respect for the jobs they do for our community’s children. The entire community needs to at least read it. Please do, as it is posted on the A-C school website.

While our children were in school, I was very involved in many aspects of school activities. This covers a broad base, but my point is that I always paid attention to the educational processes, and the interactions between our board of education and our administration. So given that background, I just want you all to understand that, in my opinion, we have a board and administration rowing together in the same direction. With youth, education and experience, they are actively addressing tough issues, continually, not periodically working to save money through cost cutting efficiencies (documented for your inspection); together working to keep and improve the education processes of our school first and foremost.

Our school is the heart of our community and very much in need of a financial stent. Passage of this levy, like a stent, will allow our school to continue operating at our current levels of the education processes. I ask that you set aside any personal agendas and take time to truly look into and understand Issue 3 and its future impact on our school. Take the time to get your questions/reservations answered. Email, text, call your board members, administration or any member of the levy committee. We will get you the true and complete answers promptly. This issue is too important to ignore or take a single statement as fact when making your decision.

Voting is our power and yes, every vote does count. Tecumseh’s example was a single stick can be broken easily, but a bundle of sticks is very strong. “Study and learn, knowledge lights the way”. Believe in our school and vote.

Ron Fishel

Clearcreek Township

AC Levy Committee

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