Dear Editor,

The intersection of Bolender-Pontius Road and state Route 188 has become a safety concern with the increased semi traffic in the last few years.

There is a sharp downward curve that is close to that intersection. I have seen school buses full of children have to make a right turn onto 188 and go left of center to make the turn. Obviously, school buses need a larger turning radius to make that turn, as well as the vehicles that trailer a boat or camper to AW Marion Park.

I have lived here 43 years and have seen many trucks hauling grain into Circleville speeding down that curve. Many times, they have to “jake brake “ to slow down quickly and there are homes just 30 feet off the road on that curve.

The solution would be a roundabout to slow the traffic and allow buses and campers, boats and horse trailers to make the turns safely. With the added funding from the federal government, now is the time to act to make this intersection safe before a school bus full of our children and grandchildren have to pay the ultimate price for inaction.

George Morris


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