Dear Editor;

I would like to commend Michael Grant for his letter to the editor published July 14. When you read Mr. Grant’s letter, I recommend you look back at the Circleville Herald weekend edition dated July 11-12. Referring to the article “Governor issues a mask mandate”.

To me, that sounds like Governor DeWine has mandated Pickaway County wear masks due to Pickaway County being a level three in Ohio. According to the article, several agencies within Pickaway County “support this order and advise” our residents to follow the mandate. If you look in Webster’s under mandatory, one of the alternate words is “necessary”.

Why then was it a topic for discussion at a city council meeting? I agree with Mr. Grant, wearing masks are a simple solution to keeping everyone safer. Talk about mixed messaging.

Not only does the community get conflicting advice from the media, we get conflicting messaging from our own community leaders. Pickaway County Sheriff’s Department, Emergency Management Agency and the Pickaway County Prosecutor have agreed with our governor that mask wearing is necessary.

Yet, in essence, our mayor and city council says it doesn’t matter. Do what you want. Too many people don’t care about others, so sometimes, it is important to suggest what is necessary for the safety of everyone else.

I encourage everyone to be sure they are registered to vote. Every Vote counts! I believe this November’s election will be one of the most important in our history. I recommend everyone pay close attention to news, newspaper articles and vet any social media posts to be sure they are legitimate.

Please stay informed. Remember our local officials are just as important as our state and federal legislators. They all make decisions that affect our daily lives, so listen to what they say.

Remember all legislators were voted in, and they can be voted out. Every vote counts!

Kenneth Hall


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