Dear Editor,

I want to write this letter in addition to the Pickaway Commuter by Amy Randall-McSorley, whose entire article was about her beloved dog, Sam.

All the way through her column, she talked about Sam and her and her husband’s love for him. I really enjoyed the different praises she gave to Dr. Crystal Hammond for her loving care and treatment she gave to Sam.

I have been with Dr. Hammond for over 25 years. In my case, Crystal took loving care of by two cats, Rusty and Snowflake. Rusty was a little kitty when we found her. From that day on, Crystal was the only doctor we took her to. We had her 16 years before she was called home.

Snowflake was about a year old when we found her one morning, asleep on our front porch. She was with us for 18 years before she was called home.

Crystal is indeed the most caring person I have had the honor of knowing.

Amy, I read your column all the time. It is my favorite. So, as one animal lover to another, thank you for your article.

Ted Mogan


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