Dear Editor,

Do you remember what you did as a child growing up in Circleville? My childhood included many weekends spent at Circle D, Pickaway Lanes, the Movie House, Ted Lewis Park, etc.

Looking back now, I am very thankful for the fun and safe options that were available to me and other youth. What about youth who are currently growing up in our community? What options do they have?

Circle D, Pickaway Lanes, the Movie House are all long gone. We may see updates to Ted Louis Park in the future. The YMCA, Mary Virginia Crites Hannan Park and Hargus Lake can be great places, but what else? What else can we create for the youth in our communities?

As our Circleville community is growing, I think our ideas and strategies for our youth should too. Right now is the perfect time to invest in our Circleville youth, as the Circleville youth of today are also the Circleville adults of tomorrow.

I care about Circleville youth and I know that many of you do too as well. I am opening this conversation up to all Circleville citizens, what ideas do you have? What steps should we take to make these possibilities a reality?

Sabriah Hill


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