Dear Editor,

On Saturday, Oct. 23, my wife and I attended the Circleville Pumpkin Show. We were excited because in 2020, the show could not take place. We live in Columbus and we particularly looked forward to it because family and friends from Cleveland were coming to the show for the first time and we were eager to be their host/guides.

Our kids are grown and we wondered how it would be after many years of taking them. Our parents have passed away and we enjoyed taking them when they were still able to go. In addition to the famous show, we have long been interested in the history of Circleville and we have taken many visitors to the Ted Lewis Museum over the years.

For most of Saturday, the show was what we’d hoped it would be. The sun came out, the streets were packed and it was heartwarming to see young families as they worked through the crowd that parted for the wagons and strollers. My brother, 55, even participated in the pie-eating contest.

Imagine how the memories described above can be ruined by a display of hateful flags waving in the wind. Imagine how heartbreaking it is to stand near the booth selling this filth and to see school-age kids look up at flags that say “F*** BIDEN,” among other spiteful messages.

Imagine being the parent that gets to explain such filth to their kids. Imagine being visitors from Columbus who have taken out-of-town friends to the Pumpkin Show for the first time and they see that.

We will not return to the Pumpkin Show. We will not return to Circleville.

This is not because of the beliefs behind the flags. It’s because of the sheer vulgarity and selfishness that would lead purported grownups to display and sell that trash at a community event. More importantly, it is because of the total lack of common decency on the part of the organizers to allow this at what used to be a family event.

We had such great memories of that event. The memories from today are the ones we’re left with.


Steven C. Murray, PhD


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