Herald Editor,

On behalf of the students, faculty, administration and school board of the Logan Elm Schools, we would like to thank the voters of the Logan Elm Local School District located in portions of Hocking and Pickaway counties for approving our bond levy on November 6, 2018. This vote will allow us to design, plan and ultimately build a new school building for the current and future students of our district. Many people worked countless hours to achieve this outcome. A special thank you to the passionate volunteers who served so selflessly. That list is too long to mention and most of those who sacrificed their time and resources did not do so for their own benefit or recognition: they worked for the good of the future generations of Logan Elm schools who will benefit from enhanced educational opportunities, improved safety and access to all the resources of the district throughout their Pre-K through graduation experience.

This has been a long process – over 16 years. Now with a mandate from the voters we have to design a building that will best serve the long-term interests of the Logan Elm community. We plan to incorporate architecturally and historically significant articles from each current building in the district. We are keenly aware that if we forget where we have come from, we will fail to navigate the future.

We genuinely want the best for Logan Elm students and each member of the Logan Elm district. We need the continued input from the Logan Elm family to design the best building for current and future generations of students.

Whether you voted yes or no, we implore you to stay involved in the process. You are still part of Logan Elm.

To all voters – we promise to be the best stewards of the funds you have entrusted to us as a board – both in this recently passed bond levy and the operating dollars you have approved over the years to operate the district day by day.

Logan Elm is a wonderful district – please join us as we celebrate the beginning of a new era of opportunities for ALL!

Thank you again Brave Nation.

The Logan Elm School Board – proud to be Braves!

Logan Elm School Board Members

Debbie Shaw, Kim Martin, Scott Allen, Mike Agosta and Michael Linton

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