Herald Editor,

PLEASE vote FOR the Logan Elm Bond Issue.

We would like everyone to take this opportunity to VOTE YES on November 6, 2018.

According to the article, OVERVIEW OF LOGAN ELM BOND ISSUE, by Tim Williams, “This building plan will allow the Logan Elm School District to create a state-of-the-art, safe, comfortable learning environment for all our students.”

We are going vote YES. Join us to make Logan Elm School a place a student wants to learn. We are all so proud of the students testing scores reported in the Logan Elm Grade Card from the state. We are proud of the parents of all these students who encouraged and motivated them to study, do homework, and projects in all areas and subjects. We are very proud of the teachers, who spend endless hours preparing the lessons, making material interesting and teaching the students how to read, think, comprehend/analyze material and solve problems. We are very blessed that the administrators, other support staff, and the school board work so diligently to pay for materials and see to the needs of EVERY STUDENT in Logan Elm District. We love these children. We care about each child and his/her future.

We are going to vote FOR the Logan Elm Bond Issue. When you vote you will be making a very important decision. Your decision affects all our children and grandchildren’s future.

PLEASE join us to make LE also proud of our new school building.

For more information, visit LE website and read the Facts Answers (FAQ) about the bond issue:

LE Retired Staff:

Judy Beavers, Kathleen Cameron, Millie Conrad, Mary Cooper, Kay Egbert, Alice Harker, Catherine Holley, Sally Kleon, Sandy McCain, Chris Miller, Paula Thomerson, Ruth Wilson, and Beverly Winner

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