Dear Editor;

In reference to the Saturday Herald’s article, “Governor issues a mask mandate”, there seems to be a great deal of confusion about why individuals should wear masks or face coverings.

One councilperson is quoted as saying “if you’re one of those in danger, it’s your responsibility to take care of yourself . . . at this point, it’s not our job to protect everyone and we can’t do that”.

Another is quoted as saying “I wear a mask because I’m high-risk in certain categories.” Mask wearing is not about protecting yourself. It’s about protecting other people you come in contact with.

Scientific studies have shown that infected individuals are most contagious before they show symptoms. So, if you are walking around newly infected, you are unknowingly exhaling viral particles that can infect anyone you come in contact with.

Studies have shown that if everyone in stores and businesses wore masks the rate of infection could be reduced by 4/5 or 80 percent. That’s exactly what the governor is trying to do.

It’s about being considerate and protecting your neighbor whether you are high risk or not. As far as issuing a mask mandate making us a “police state”, we all have laws and regulations we have to obey in order to protect other people’s lives. I don’t think anyone would disagree that obeying laws like highway speed limits and pure food and drug regulations saves lives. Wearing masks to protect our fellow citizens is no different.

Michael Grant


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