Dear Editor;

This is one of my favorite times of the year — election season. I’m kinda a dork that way, but since I was a kid, I enjoyed being involved with and working on a variety of campaigns.

There was a great man from New Boston, Ohio that I had the privilege to get to know and learn from, his name was Jim Warren. Jim was the local elementary school principle for over 35 years in the New Boston school district and he did a wonderful job grooming the kids to become productive citizens and adults. Jim decided to run for the mayor’s position in New Boston and won very easily in 1994 as a republican.

Becoming the first Republican to hold that seat for over 50+ years, he was a very hands on mayor and many great things were done while he was mayor. Even with many economic woes in his little village, Jim brought infrastructure, businesses, industry and retail business providing New Boston’s citizens a better life, employment and security.

Jim gave most generously of his time and money including but not limited to Shawnee State University Board of Director’s and the Area On Aging. Jim’s obituary in 2015 so accurately stated the residents of New Boston knew him as a man of the people not a man of the party. Jim truly was a once in a generation man and politician.

Over the past several years I have gotten to know another man who is seeking political office and he too has many of the same characteristics of Jim Warren. This man’s name is Dale Hoover and he is running for the position of Pickaway County Commissioner.

Personally, I have watched Dale perform physical hard work in a hot location on his personal time to help a local wife and husband team get their new business in Ashville to pass inspection and open. Dale refused to take any compensation. Dale simply said, “We all just need to work together.” Dale Hoover is a kind and caring soul that loves his community and really enjoys seeing people succeed.

Dale Hoover has been a heating and air conditioning contractor for well over 30 years and I know this statement to be true too: Dale Hoover has given away thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to people who couldn’t afford to have their heating or cooling system repaired. Dale really is that guy. Plus by being a contractor, Dale is best positioned to be a county commissioner because he understands infrastructure, budgeting and management.

Now the negative. The other person running for the Pickaway County Commissioner’s seat, in my opinion, is not a working person’s friend. Current State Representative Gary Scherer sponsored House Bill 413 that was designed to cut Ohio Public Employees Retirement System benefits.

I welcome you to take a look at Representative Scherer’s mailers and social media as proof. Representative Scherer is a man who it touting all these career politicians are endorsing him to leave a job at the Ohio State House to return to a county commissioner’s job. It appears as if he is orchestrating a job swap with current Pickaway County Commissioner Brian Stewart.

I understand Commissioner Stewart’s position in wanting to advance further into politics but for Representative Scherer returning to Pickaway County as a commissioner what is his passion? What are his objectives? Better yet, what are his qualifications?

This entire job swap thing smells of Pickaway County’s very own swamp.

Back to being positive, which is where we all function best. The best choice by far for Pickaway County Commissioner is Dale Hoover. He hasn’t gotten his picture taken with governors or senators because these aren’t the people he is working to help. Dale Hoover understands zoning. Dale Hoover understands infrastructure. Dale Hoover understands business creation. Most importantly Dale Hoover understands everyday people and what their needs are to have a safe and productive life in Pickaway County.

Too bad Jim Warren didn’t meet Dale because I think he would have been impressed by Dale’s drive to help people and make us all a better community. Please vote for Dale Hoover on March 17, 2020 and see what I see: A new once in a generation man and politician.

Michael Grashel


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