Dear Editor:

While I may have been raised a simple farm boy in Pickaway County, I learned early on in life that some things are more important than me. From my parents, I learned my responsibility to be honest and show at least a minimum of love and respect to others.

From my teachers, I was made aware of the rest of this world outside of Pickaway County and our history of participation and relationship to it. Most important was having it drilled into me, as a member of our outstanding army, the duty and loyalty to this land and my allies.

Uppermost in this training was that you never ever left your fellow soldier or ally to fend for themselves on the battlefield. To do so was not only morally wrong, but also legally wrong under the Uniform Military Code of Justice. I feel and share the shame for America’s finest as they have been ordered to vacate the area so dearly bought by their close allies, the Kurds. No, “we” did not defeat Isis.

The Isis defeat was bought by the lives of 11,000 or more Kurdish fighters with our assistance. No, the United States of America is leaving those brave people at the mercy of their mortal enemies. We apparently have left them to have their land divided up by brothers.

“They didn’t help us at Normandy!” “We have no interests in that land of sand (9/11/2001).” “We do have a couple of magnificent hotels in Ankara and they make lots of money.” That is a plain ignorance of the real world.

Mr. President, that green in your hands in dripping red.

Sir, there are more important things in this life than money and me.

George Kaiser


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