Dear Editor;

My name is Dee Ann Couts and I live in Perry Township. My grandparents lived here for 60 years, my parents for 60 years, and it has been my home for 57 years.

I am writing about the Atlanta Farms Solar Project. This is not going on my property but is right beside my field. It seems to me that the only people that should or would complain are the people that have the land it is going to be on.

This will benefit the schools who get over 50 percent of the tax revenue and we all know Westfall could use that! The commission on aging, mental health, developmental disability, the township — everyone who receives a portion of what we pay in taxes — will benefit.

Some of us don’t use all of these, but we all travel the roads in Perry Township and know the township needs the money. It will be used. If you didn’t go to Westfall, maybe your kids or grandkids?

Enough clean power for more than 40,000 average homes and almost $1.5 million a year in tax revenue to our local tax base will make a difference. Time marches on and things cannot be as they have for the last 100 years.

I remember when we didn’t think we needed cell phones but now everyone has one. We are at the beginning of necessary change and I am proud that our community is moving forward.

Dee Ann Couts

Perry Township

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