Dear Editor,

I think that all of us recognize and can clearly see that the spread of COVID-19 has had major impact on the business community here in Pickaway County. The business community in our area is diverse and made up of businesses large and small, from manufacturing to restaurants.

No matter the business, there is a near universal understanding that slowing the spread of the virus and working to return to normalcy would be good for all of our citizens and obviously good for large segments of our local economy.

That desire to get back to normal business is why the Pickaway County Chamber of Commerce and the Pickaway Progress Partnership has partnered with the Ohio Business Roundtable and 100+ organizations and companies statewide by joining the Coalition to Stop the Spread.

We are coming together to mobilize our workforces, our customers, our vendors and our friends in advocating for the steps we know are effective in fighting back against COVID-19. COVID-19 cases are spiking. Whatever you think about the pandemic, the increase in cases could prompt public policy decisions that affect our business and our jobs.

Everyone in Pickaway County, especially our employers and employees should make their new year resolution to do even more to slow the spread of this disease by ensuring safe practices in the workplace and at home. It will be those mitigation steps that allows for a quicker and safer return to the life we knew before this global pandemic.

There are proven methods for safeguarding our health and stopping the spread. Places where people follow these steps are experiencing smaller spikes in the disease than in places where safe steps have not been followed. Let’s do what we can here in Pickaway County to stop the spread!

We hope that you consider joining us in this cause! To sign up, learn more and to see ways to get involved, please sign up and learn more at

Marlee Martin, Pickaway Chamber of Commerce Executive Director and

Ryan Scribner, Pickaway Progress Partnership Executive Director

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