To the editor:

I want to take a moment to thank our neighbors, friends and community members for coming together to support our schools.

Amanda-Clearcreek staff, educators and students are humbled by and grateful for this support in sustaining a learning environment that empowers our students to reach their maximum potential. A-C students present and future will experience lifelong impacts from this generosity. As they grow into adults who contribute to our community and our country, they will remember the day our community came together for them.

The best interests of our district’s youth are the forefront of our efforts, and the support of our voters will invigorate and strengthen educational opportunities for our children and generations to follow. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to every citizen who voted in support of our schools — and, ultimately, the children of this great community. Your voice speaks for our children who cannot yet vote, but who rely on the devotion of their community to nourish their educational prosperity.

With your ongoing support, we will remain dedicated to addressing challenges and will secure lasting and meaningful improvements. We are renewing our promise to continue our focus of being great stewards of these funds entrusted to us and will work diligently in the best interest of our community to make it proud.

On behalf of all A-C administrators, staff, board of education, students, and our selfless levy volunteers, thank you for coming together for A-C.

With gratitude,

J.B. Dick, Superintendent


Local Schools

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