I am a life member of the PIckaway County Historical Society. In the spring 2012 Pickaway Quarter magazine I wrote a six-page article about 20-plus reported UFO sightings that have occurred in Pickaway County since farmer Bruce Stevenson’s well-documented sighting of February 1948. The information about his sighting is in a booklet at the Visitor’s Center on West Main Street in Circleville. Many of the Sightings had the witnesses names listed, as permission was granted. Since then, there have been several other sightings reported to the local Roundtown UFO Society. After investigating other sightings, some have been found to have natural explanations, such as the planet Venus, aircraft, Chinese lanterns, etc. Others have remained unknown or unidentified.

On June 4th of this year at about 1 a.m., three young men reported strange lights at a close distance for a long duration in the western part of the county near Westfall High School. Two of them were interviewed by investigators of RUFOS. They seemed very sincere, but for whatever reason the witnesses have not followed up with the investigation. This happens in some cases.

On November 1st of this year, three separate sets of witnesses in different locations in the county also reported a UFO. The first sighting occurred near routes 316 and 104 west of South Bloomfield. One of the witnesses was a 22-year veteran of the Marine Corps. Shortly later, two witnesses reported perhaps the same object near routes 22 and 207. These witnesses are cooperating and hopefully the investigations will soon be completed.

Besides being a member of RUFOS, over the years I have been a member of three national UFO organizations since 1959. In 1988, I joined the Mutual UFO Network and I am also now a member of the state organization, Mufon of Ohio. In their newsletter of June of this year, there was an article about the National UFO Reporting Center located in Seattle, Washington. A research organization took their thousands of UFO reports (approximately 38,000 from all over the country) collected over the years and they broke down the ones in Ohio into each county. These were independent of our reports. Yes, very interestingly, Pickaway County was No. 1 in Ohio with the highest percentage, while nearby Ross County was no. 7. It is important to remember, we estimate that only 10 percent of UFO sightings are ever reported. many witnesses are still reluctant, but I feel the subject is being accepted more and more, as the ridicule factor is definitely decreasing. Education plays a big part on this subject, as long as you stick to the facts. Past UFO sighting reports are important took as they could represent a pattern.

The UFO subject in recent years has not been reported in the major news media for whatever reasons. In the recent presidential debates, candidate Hillary Clinton was not asked about her UFO interest. Her campaign manager, John Podesta, favored UFO disclosure. This is known among many UFO researchers. In October 2007, Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio was asked about his UFO sighting during his presidential debate. I feel that UFO disclosure to the public will occur only when our country’s leaders who are in the know will reveal UFO existence when they feel that it is the right time.

The Roundtown UFO Society will start its 29th year of existence this January. We meed the second Thursday of the month at the Circleville Library. It is open to the public. You can go to our website, roundtownufosociety for more information.

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