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0-5 Months Boy

1st Place — Colt Reed. Parents, Sadie Roof and Codye Reed

2nd Place — Ridge Mills. Parent, Heather Mills

3rd Place — Grayson Foll. Parent, Jonnie Timmons

0-5 Months Girl

1st Place — Zariyah Gothard. Parents, Shaylea and Brandon Gothard

2nd Place — Vivian Julien. Parent, Mikayla Julien

3rd Place — Ava Portemont. Parent, Shania Lewis

6-12 Months Boy

1st Place — Maverick Booth. Parents, Marissa Johnson and Alonzo Booth

2nd Place — Fynn Fraley. Parent, Sara Fraley

3rd Place — Grayson Sword. Parents, Makenzie and Dustin Sword

6-12 Months Girl

1st Place — Lenaiah Lute. Parents, Brandon Lute and Tiffani MacLean

2nd Place — Cheyenne Shepherd. Parent, Brandi Sheperd

3rd Place — Josie Kingery. Parent, Macy Riffle

13-20 Months Boy

1st Place — Brayden Charles Stocklin. Parents, Brayden and Oliva Stocklin

2nd Place — Emmitt Walker. Parent, Dawn Legg

3rd Place — William Cummins. Parent, Kelly Cummins

13-20 Months Girl

1st Place — Sophia Griffin. Parents, Mya and Payton Griffin

2nd Place — Charlotte Hedrick. Parent, Abbey Scherer

3rd Place — Calbie Clark. Parent, Charleigh Clark

21-27 Months Boy

1st Place — Cole Martin. Parent, Kelsey Martin

2nd Place — Landon Bowers. Parents, Brooke and Pete Bowers

3rd Place — Rowan Howard. Parent, Skye Foreman

21-27 Months Girl

1st Place — Jersey Thomas. Parents, Andrea Crago and James Thomas Jr.

2nd Place — Isla Blake. Parents, Brandon and Sara Blake

3rd Place — Brinley Shaffer. Parents, Steve and Crystal Shaffer

28-35 Months Boy

1st Place — Keighan Royster. Parents, Bria Campbell and Michael Royster

2nd Place — Parker Wallace. Parent, Jeremy Wallace

3rd Place — Samuel Gray. Parents, Amanda and Jason Gray

28-35 Months Girl

1st Place — Maelynn Simmermon. Parents, Michael and Emily Simmermon

2nd Place — Ellie Ruffing. Parents, Eric and Natallie Ruffing

3rd Place — Raelynn Young. Parent, Samantha Young


1st Place — Cameron (boy) and Cambri (girl) McKibben. Parents, Tina and Tim Allen

2nd Place — Axel and Baker Dutcher. Parent, Hannah Dutcher

3rd Place — Elizabeth and Adeline Reed. Parents, Aaron and Christina Reed


1st Place — Caylee Davis. Parents, Bernie and Courtney Davis

2nd Place — Opie Lea. Parent, Tara Lea

3rd Place — Rhetley Forsythe. Parent, Maison Collier

Mini Float

1st Place — Stevie Kerns. Parents, Chris and Heather Kerns

2nd Place — Kennedy Parsley. Parents, Keith and Bethany Parsley

3rd Place — Fynn Fraley. Parent, Sara Fraley


1st Place — Jayden Johnson. Parent, Kristen Burgess; grandparents, Thomas and Christina Vogt; great-grandma Theresa Vogt

2nd Place — Damian Vandine. Parent, Amanda Keen

3rd Place — Emmitt Walker. Parent, Dawn Legg

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