CIRCLEVILLE — Circleville’s own Lisa A. Greenlee is an author of literary fiction and poetry with the latest release of her debut book, “The Sweater of My Soul.”

As a poet, Greenlee believes that the perfect combination of words exists in infinite numbers. And that these words, if placed delicately enough together, can be a force more powerful than the greatest show of strength. She believes the right combination of words can mend wounded hearts and restless souls, make friends of foes and bridge the distance between understanding and acceptance.

Greenlee is also a nurse of nearly 30 years, providing support and advocacy as a geriatric care manager. She holds her elderly clients near to her heart, as they always provide her with the most wonderful stories, filled with delightful glimpses into the past. She often says, they all have a story to be told, and sometimes the greatest gift is that of a listening ear.

When not writing, Greenlee works in the fine arts, painting landscapes and florals, in oils and watercolors. She finds it a perfect escape for those days when words don’t come easy.

A consummate daydreamer, Greenlee is always eager to explore the wildness of the world. She has a love of good food, travel and adventure, collecting life’s little treasures along the way.

Dillydallying and tinkering about are particularly appealing to her, as they often lead to what she calls treasured moments of accidental happiness. She is devoted to her beloved family, and friends, and currently resides in Circleville.

“The Sweater of My Soul” is Lisa’s debut novel and the first book in her romantic duology. She is currently working on the second installment, “The Garden of Good Fortune” with an anticipated release in 2022.

”The Sweater of My Soul,” Greenlee’s debut novel, takes place in the late 1950s and early 1960s, in a small rural community only but a stone’s throw from Savannah, Ga.

A young woman, Georgia Ann Balfour (Georgi), returns home from university to rekindle a friendship with childhood playmate, Hatti Louise Walker. Hatti is the daughter of Cilla, the Balfour family’s beloved maid.

Georgia finds herself fraught with turmoil when discovering who she is at her very core after falling into the most impossible kind of love.

“The Sweater of My Soul,” while a darling little love story, is an awakening, brimming with emotional intimacy and courage while breaking boundaries of sexuality and the racial divide. The whimsical interaction between characters captivates the heart while soothing the restless soul.

“The Sweater of My Soul” is available for purchase on Amazon.

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