Dear Readers: Today is Thanksgiving Day, a time of family, friends, feasting and football. Be sure to take a moment to really count your blessings and to appreciate everything you have.

Things may not be perfect, and despite the problems we all face, there is still a reason to be thankful and hopeful. Seek out that reason. — Heloise

Easy clean

Dear Heloise: I’ve found an easy way to clean my stainless steel appliances (we have five). The best cleaners are those eraser-type sponges. I just wet one a little and wipe across back and forth. I dry with a soft cloth. I’ve loved your hints for many years. — Sharon in Clayton, Ohio

Milk snack

Dear Heloise: I came up with a good bedtime snack. I usually don’t finish my glass of milk at dinner, so I save the milk in the fridge and then add some cereal into the glass. A crunchy snack, and no wasted milk. — Heather P., age 9, Odessa, Texas

Compliment call

Dear Heloise: When I get good service from a company, I am always quick to call and report the great experience! Everyone is always in an all-fire hurry to complain, but I like to call out good workers — to their boss, not to them. — Jackie W. in New York

Nailed it!

Dear Readers: Labeling with red or purple nail polish is one of my tried-and-true hints. Which items get labeled? Read on:

• keys

• the “Off” position on an appliance

• the “On/Off” button on the TV remote

— Heloise

Pumpkin pie spice

Dear Readers: To give your home a warm, seasoned scent, add 2 teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice to 1 cup of water, and microwave on high until the water boils, usually around three minutes. The aroma will remind you of a bakery. — Heloise

Softened sugar

Dear Heloise: Brown sugar can get rock-hard! I’ve found that putting a few apple slices in the container with the sugar will soften it. — Maddie T. in Pennsylvania

Leave the slices in overnight. — Heloise

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