Remembering 106 years of Laurelville history

The 2022-23 school year will usher in a new era for the Village of Laurelville, when they will no longer have a public school within the community. The building that houses Laurelville Elementary School will be closed, and its students moved to a new building being planned to house elementary, middle school, and high school students at the site of the Logan Elm High School and Middle School. The Laurelville building was constructed in 1913 and served as the high school from that date through 1972. Community resident Carol Smith had a banner created featuring the 106-year-old structure. Her goal is to keep the memory of the community school alive. Smith donated the banner during the Laurelville Fireman’s Old Time Festival to be auctioned at the close of the festival’s popular cake auction. According to Butch Valentine, Laurelville fire chief, the banner was purchased by Corene Cowdery from Circleville. This photo appeared in the Logan Daily News, a sister publication to the Herald.