Wet weather equals farming woes

It was another in-house program at the July 9 meeting of the Circleville Sunrise Rotary Club. Rotarians John Hoffman, Keith Summers and Keith Peters discussed the state of agriculture in Pickaway County this year. Wet weather has delayed much of the planting and this could result in lower yields come harvest time. Summers said that in normal times the crops harvested in Pickaway County – corn, soybeans and wheat – would fill 25,000 semi-tractor-trailers. Each of the men described how advanced technology makes the planting process easier and more precise. John Hoffman said farmers had a “Black Swan” event, starting with delayed harvests last year and delayed planting this year. “It changes everything,” he said. Keith Peters said the recent Trump-imposed tariffs have “hurt us bad.” All of these factors affect prices, ensuring returns come in lower than the cost of planting in many cases. John Hoffman and Keith Peters are farmers, while Keith Summers is the manager at Leist Mercantile.

In the photo from the left are Keith Peters, Keith Summers, Rotary President-Elect Gwen Wolford, and John Hoffman.