Jeff George,

Ashville Police Chief

Monday, May 3

• Complaint on person, Abby Court

• Alarm drop, Cromley Street

• Medic assist, Walnut Street

• Civil complaint, Euclid Avenue

Tuesday, May 4

• Vandalism complaint, Cromley Street

• Medic assist, Lexington Avenue

• ATV complaint, Morrison Pond

Wednesday, May 5

• Suspicious vehicle and/or person, Jameson Street

• Burglary, Hawthorne Drive

Thursday, May 6

• Medic assist, Ashton Drive

• Assist other agency, Pickaway Street

• Speeding complaint, Cromley Street

Friday, May 7

• Well being check, East Street

• Harassment complaint, West Main Street

• Suspicious vehicle and/or person, Hawthorne Drive

• 911 hang up, West Station Street

Saturday, May 8

• Gun shot complaint, Scioto Street

• Vandalism complaint, Long Street

• Drug complaint, Hedges Street

• Trespassing complaint, Hall Street

• Civil complaint, Hall Street

• Drug complaint, state Route 752

• Drug complaint, West Main Street

• Drug complaint, Long Street

Sunday, May 9

• Civil complaint, Hedges Street

• Message deliver, Jefferson Avenue

• Lock out, Long Street

• Domestic dispute, West Main Street

• Domestic dispute, state Route 752

Monday, May 10

• Mental issues, East Street

• Complaint on person, Hedges Street

• Animal complaint, Hawthorne Drive and Ashton Drive

Tuesday, May 11

• Noise complaint, Monroe Drive

• Fire, Hedges Street

• Alarm drop, East Main Street

• Message delivery, East Street

• Complaint on person, Cherry Street at East Street

Wednesday, May 12

• Lock out, state Route 752

• Lock out, Ashville Pike

• Warrant arrest, Long Street

Thursday, May 13

• 911 hang up, Mary’s Place

• Medic assist, Gary Street

• Animal complaint, Circleville Avenue

• Parking complaint, Harrison Street

Friday, May 14

• Assist other agency, Powell Street

• Vandalism complaint, state Route 752

• Civil stand by, Hedges Street

• Stolen vehicle, Collins Drive

• Items stolen from vehicle, Ashton Drive and Brenton drive and Collins Drive

• Items stolen from vehicle, Long Street

• Juvenile complaint, Long Street

• Vandalism complaint, Thoreau Drive

• Complaint on person, Walnut Street

• Complaint on person, East Street

• Parking complaint, Ashton Drive

• Items stolen from vehicle, Princeton Street

• Lock out, Long Street

• Well being check, East Street

•Drug complaint, state Route 752

Saturday, May 15

• Parking complaint, Long Street

• Well being check, Long Street

• Message delivery, East Street

• Assist other agency, US 23

• Civil complaint, Cherry Street

• Parking complaint, Davidson Drive

• Prowler, Randolph Street

Sunday, May 16

• Fight, West Main Street

• Probation violation, Scioto Street

• Gun complaint, Scioto Street

• Lock out, Circleville Avenue

• Juvenile complaint, Thoreau Drive

EDITOR’S NOTE: While charges have been filed by law enforcement officers against some of the above people, they have not been found guilty of violations. Charges against people may be dismissed or individuals may be found not guilty in court. Unless a person is found guilty, he or she remains not guilty.

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