Shawn G. Baer,

Circleville Police Chief

Tuesday, Sept. 7

• Caller on the line advised that she went home to get some things to go visit her father at the nursing home and someone broke into her house. Caller advised that they took some things, including a TV. Caller advised that she was not at the location at the time of the call and was not able to go back. Caller advised that she would call back when she got home to have an officer come to the address.

• Person on station to speak with an officer in reference to his lawnmower being stolen.

• Caller requested and officer due to his neighbor allowing loose wire to fall on his property.

• Caller requested an officer due to receiving threats from a subject. Caller stated they were making threats to come to her property and steal her son’s vehicle. Caller advised her son traded vehicles with someone and had it notarized. Caller advised the family went to the BMV and filed a lost or stolen title.

• Person on station due to receiving contact from someone who was not supposed to contact her. Caller stated this occurred while she was in Philo.

• Caller advised a female threatened physical violence because the bathroom was closed. Caller advised the subject was leaving in a black truck.

Wednesday, Sept. 8

• Caller stated a subject left mothballs behind a shelf. The caller believed the subject did so to make the caller sick.

EDITOR’S NOTE: While charges have been filed by law enforcement officers against some of the above people, they have not been found guilty of violations. Charges against people may be dismissed or individuals may be found not guilty in court. Unless a person is found guilty, he or she remains not guilty.

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