Shawn G. Baer,

Circleville Police Chief

Friday, Sept. 24

• Caller requested an officer in reference to the neighbor stealing cable.

• Caller advised someone stole the tire off of her Dodge Caravan.

• Caller requested to speak with an officer due to a female threatening him and advising she would have her boyfriend beat him up.

• Caller advised he was with the company that owned the location and a male had been making multiple checks out to himself.

• Caller reported his garage was broken into and items were stolen out of it.

• Person on station reported a subject stealing the plate off of a vehicle, which belonged to her and was using it for his own vehicle. Reporter advised he stole it because he did not have a driver’s license and was unable to obtain registration for his vehicle.

• Agency requesting a city unit in reference to two males attempting to cash fraudulent checks work $8,100. Agency stated they had a report from a female reference.

Saturday, Sept. 25

• Caller advised he was at Rural King that morning and someone stole his extension ladder out of his truck.

• Caller advised her neighbors were screaming at each other.

• Caller stated she could smell smoke and hear the fire alarm going off.

• Caller stated her neighbor came to her house requesting to call the police because she was still fighting with her boyfriend.

• Caller stated he was told by one of his tenants that a person was on the property. He advised the subject was previously trespassing.

• Subject on station wanted to speak with an officer in reference to someone having a warrant.

Sunday, Sept. 26

• Caller reported he allowed a subject to use his motorcycle and he had not returned it.

• Caller reported a house fire.

• Officers were en route to a location for a follow up and attempt to locate a warrant subject. An arrest was made on Thomas L. Jenkins Jr.

• Caller stated a male was yelling and grabbing at his mother. Male was having an outburst.

• Caller stated his Harley Davidson was stolen.

• Caller advised someone stole his mother-in-law’s three-wheeled bike.

Monday, Sept. 27

• Caller advised of a female wearing a white shirt with red sleeves. She was carrying a baby on her hip. She advised she witnessed the female lift the baby out of the stroller and shook him violently and yelled profanity in his face. Caller stated she was walking northbound on Court Street.

• Caller requested an officer to the location due to a dispute involving a civil matter over bond money.

• Caller requested to know if she could file a restraining order when an officer arrived on scene. Caller stated she was separated from the other party at the time.

• Caller advised there was a domestic going on at the location and the female half was at the residence.

• Caller stated an electric box inside the house had some black smoke rolling out of it. The house was evacuated.

• Juvenile advised there were some people that came out of a house by the park, threatening to beat her and her friends up. Juvenile was 11 years old and her friends were 9 and 11.

• Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office received a call on an assault on a juvenile. Caller disconnected before they could get more information.

• Caller advised a female walked out of the store with a cart full of items and left in a blue Honda Odyssey with Ohio registration. Caller stated she went across the road toward Walmart.

Tuesday, Sept. 28

• Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office requested a unit to meet them for a warrant for Johnny Palmer. The sheriff’s office had him in custody.

• Officer was out with Latosha Speakman by the Eagles’ parking lot on a warrant. A warrant arrest was made on Latosha Speakman.

• Bailiff advised of a Walker Pence in court who had a warrant out of another agency. Warrant was confirmed in Fayette County. An arrest was made on Walker Nash Pence for a warrant out of Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.

• Caller requested an officer due to his vehicle being stolen sometime while he was on shift. The vehicle was described as a blue truck Chevrolet.

• Caller requested an officer due to a large group of kids fighting.

• Caller requested an officer due to a male having a firearm at the location. The male was described as having a beard, was larger in stature and had a blue shirt. Caller believed it was under control at the time, also was unaware if he was threatening someone with the gun.

• Caller requested an officer due to witnessing a male subject steal a pack of L&M Cigarettes from the location. Caller described the male as wearing a maroon shirt while carrying white tennis shoes. Male was last seen walking behind McDonald’s.

Wednesday, Sept. 29

• Caller stated his truck had caught fire.

• Officer flagged down in reference to a theft of a carton of cigarettes, which happened the night prior.

• Male state his daughter was being harassed.

Thursday, Sept. 30

• Franklin County Sheriff’s Office sent hit request on Amanda Smith, who was currently incarcerated at their Jackson Pike Facility. Per Franklin County, the female was not ready to be released yet. They advised they would contact CPD when she was ready to be picked up.

• Officer witnessed a female throwing a bottle.

• Caller reported a shirtless male subject wearing a bandana with a black shirt wrapped around his neck was attempting to break into a brick double. Caller stated there was a female that was standing outside watching out for the subject. Caller advised she had blonde hair and was wearing a red shirt. Caller advised the subjects were walking eastbound on Ohio Street. An arrest was made on Elijah Seckman for an active warrant out of Pickaway County. PSCO was on scene and took custody of the prisoner.

EDITOR’S NOTE: While charges have been filed by law enforcement officers against some of the above people, they have not been found guilty of violations. Charges against people may be dismissed or individuals may be found not guilty in court. Unless a person is found guilty, he or she remains not guilty.

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