Shawn G. Baer,

Circleville Police Chief

Friday, Feb. 5

• Caller advised he had plastic over his windows and believed he just heard it get pushed in. Advised it also sounded like someone was stomping around in the area upstairs that was padlocked off.

• Caller stated she could see black smoke coming from behind her neighbor’s residence.

• Officer marked out at the jail to serve a warrant on John Blanton. John Blanton was released from the Pickaway County Jail.

• 911 caller stated he returned home from a poker game and found that his front door had been kicked in.

• Caller stated someone called her because she was they were fighting with Jamie Neff. An arrest was made on Jamie Neff. Prisoner was released on own recognizance and advised to stop his disorderly behavior.

Saturday, Feb. 6

• Caller requested an officer due to her significant other arguing with her all day and she was just woken up again to him picking a fight. Caller wanted him to leave to for him to allow her to leave.

• Caller advised someone broke into his shed and busted the lock off. Advised he was not sure what all was missing.

• Caller advised of two males that were fighting in the parking lot and her husband had approached them to try and separate them. She advised her husband was then approached by another male that had on a short-sleeved shirt and red-tinted hair. She advised they left the parking lot area. The male began to follow the two on Court Street in an older green Pontiac with no license plate. Caller advised when she turned on Franklin Street, the male continued south on Court Street.

• Caller advising a male subject wearing no shirt or shoes and walking inside her residence. She did not know who it was. A report was taken and an arrest was made on Stacy Bond.

• Caller advised two were inside the residence screaming at each other. Caller advised she was outside sitting in her vehicle and they were inside still. She did not believe there were any weapons involved. Caller stated that one came outside into her vehicle and was bleeding from the head. They left the area.

Sunday, Feb. 7

• Caller advised her neighbors were arguing inside the home. She advised the day before of the male making threats to throw the female out on the side of the road.

• Advised her shed was standing open and she was missing her power washer.

• On station inquiring to see is he had an active warrant for his arrest. An arrest was made on Robert L. Kidwell.

• Employee requested an officer to go to the location to speak with someone due to him believing someone broke into his house on Franklin Street.

Monday, Feb. 8

• Caller requested an officer in reference to a verbal dispute happening at the location. Caller stated it was going on all night and she was trying to sleep.

• Male came on station advising that he hit someone in the face and they needed a squad. The male state he needed to turn himself in on assault and would like a medic to check the other out. An arrest was made on Jamie D. Neff for domestic violence.

• Officers were attempting to serve a warrant on Cory Merkamp. An arrest was made on Cody Merkamp for a warrant out of the Circleville Police Department.

Tuesday, Feb. 9

• Caller advised that someone had been yelling at her off and on all day and he then started yelling and cursing at the complainant in front of his daughter. The complainant asked him to settle down and things then got worse. Caller said that the person did not know how to control his anger with anyone else, so he told him he would just call the police.

• Caller advised that a pharmacy out of Michigan called to fill a prescription for his wife and had all of her information. Caller advised that they called the insurance company about this and found that someone had charged their emergency room visit to his wife’s insurance.

Wednesday, Feb. 10

• Unit requested by agency to serve warrant on Ethan Atkinson. A warrant was served.

• Caller requested an officer regarding someone running an extension cord from her building across the alley to the next building. They wanted to know who was using their electric.

• Caller advised of a thin female, about 5’2” with dark brown hair and was carrying a grey and black backpack. The female had stolen a package off of her porch and walked off with it. The complainant went out walking after her. She said the female was lying about it but did end up giving the package back.

• Caller advised a female was being abused by her partner. The caller was there to check on the female and the male was yelling and attempting to assault her, but she called 911.

• 911 caller stated people have been breaking into his home and moving things around.

• Caller stated he heard his neighbor tell his partner that he was going to assault a female.

Thursday, Feb. 11

• Caller advised that he woke up to four flat tires on his Toyota Camry.

• Caller advised someone just stole a pug from inside the yard of the location. Advised he had on a bright red sweatshirt and blue jeans. Advised she last saw the male on foot in the area of Washington Street.

• Caller was a passer-by advising of an active fight in the parking lot of the location. Caller stated there were five or six people and three vehicles. Caller stated there were no weapons as far as she could tell.

EDITOR’S NOTE: While charges have been filed by law enforcement officers against some of the above people, they have not been found guilty of violations. Charges against people may be dismissed or individuals may be found not guilty in court. Unless a person is found guilty, he or she remains not guilty.

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