Shawn G. Baer,

Circleville Police Chief

Friday, Oct. 1

• Caller requested an officer to the house that was two houses north of the location regarding people fighting. Caller stated she could hear them fighting and yelling.

• Caller advised there were three smoke detectors going off in the house. Caller stated they were all new.

• Sheetz security requested officers to the location regarding a male in a gray hoodie, dark sweats and appearing to be thin. Caller advised he was with a female with a green hoodie.

• Caller advised of witnessing a 2-year-old juvenile that was out of her car seat and hanging out of the window. Caller stated the vehicle was a maroon Chevy with a Minnesota license plate that was pulled into a parking lot.

• Caller requested an officer in reference to a female stealing expensive tools from the store. Caller stated the subject left the area approximately 10 minutes prior to the call. Caller advised they may have had footage of the incident.

Saturday, Oct. 2

• Caller requested an officer regarding a subject causing problems. Caller stated she was letting her stay there all night to be nice and she was done with her.

• PCSO deputy was flagged down and advised of a fight involving a knife.

• Caller advised there was a male and a female yelling and were about to fight.

• Caller advised of a subject who was just at the residence “destroying it” and being threatening. Caller advised he left eastbound on Ohio Street toward the Dairy Shed in a blue Hyundai.

• Caller advised of a Hispanic male that was arguing with a white female that appeared to have a black eye. Caller stated the male was in a red Transam and the female was in ta four-door Honda. Caller stated the vehicle left eastbound on 56 toward Rhoads from Market.

• Caller stated a subject trespassed on her property and assaulted her nephew.

• Caller advised she saw an adult male and female trying to force a juvenile either into or out of a vehicle while the juvenile was screaming about not wanting to stay there. She came back a short while later and the juvenile was walking the street with no pants on.

• Caller believed a subject stole her purse.

Sunday, Oct. 3

• Caller advised two vehicles were broken into.

• Caller advised someone stole an Amazon package off of her front porch.

• Caller advised her vehicle was broken into.

• Caller advised her vehicle was broken into, but nothing was taken.

• Male in lobby advised someone broke into his car.

• Caller stated she could hear what she believed to be a group of females arguing.

• Caller stated nothing but an address. Call history at the location showed an extensive history of domestic altercations. An arrest was made on Thomas Jones.

Wednesday, Oct. 6

• Caller advised that she left her car door unlock the nigh before and her purse appeared to have been gone through. Caller stated she thought perfume had been taken.

• Caller advised the residents was burning something in the backyard and it smelled badly.

• Caller requested an officer due to an unknown male subject almost running him over. Caller stated he would be standing by in a gray Honda Civic.

• Caller stated a female he believed was under the influence was arguing with a group of people.

• Caller stated she and her friends were being harassed and someone had stolen their bicycles.

• Caller stated someone had a fire in their backyard and the flames were approximately 20-feet high.

• Caller stated he saw a male bust out a window. He stated the male left the area northbound on North Scioto Street.

• Caller advised that he saw what looked like a possible domestic happening. Caller advised that the car left and he followed it to an address where the vehicle parked. Caller advised it was a maroon Ford Explorer.

Thursday, Oct. 7

• Caller advised of subjects fighting in the parking lot. Caller advised a subject left in a red car. Officers and medic unit responded. An arrest was made on Gary D. Justice.

• Person on station advised his backpack blower was stolen out of his vehicle the day before.

• Caller stated his neighbors had a fire in their backyard.

EDITOR’S NOTE: While charges have been filed by law enforcement officers against some of the above people, they have not been found guilty of violations. Charges against people may be dismissed or individuals may be found not guilty in court. Unless a person is found guilty, he or she remains not guilty.

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