Shawn G. Baer, Circleville Police Chief

Robert Chapman, Deputy Chief

Friday, Jan. 10

• David B. Hanshaw was arrested on a warrant.

• An alarm was accidentally set off at Adena Health Systems on Morris Road.

• The U.S. Marshals and Circleville Police made several arrests including Amber McLaughlin, Renee Rittenhouse, Jerry C. Wynn, Darlene Stepp, and Linda Marie Moore. All were transported to Pickaway County Jail.

• Arrests were made by the U.S. Marshals including Danielle Repass and Michaelyn Watkins; transported to Pickaway County Jail by the probation department.

• Mutual aid was requested for a three-vehicle accident with possibly one person not breathing. In addition to Pickaway Township, Circleville Fire Department responded along with EMS. The accident was on state Route 56 East.

• An accident was reported on Lancaster Pike and Nicholas Drive in Circleville. There were no injuries reported.

Saturday, Jan. 11

• A report of a carbon monoxide detector going off inside a residence on North Court Street was received; R101 was on scene and discovered a faulty detector.

• Caller advised of a smoke detector/carbon monoxide alarm going on at a resident on Stella Avenue; R010 dispatched and found a faulty detector.

• Caller advised of an argument going on in front of Speedway East between a male and female. Called stated the female appeared to be under the influence. A medic was dispatched for the female who was having chest pains. She was transported to Berger Hospital.

• A purse was reported being stolen in Lancaster with credit and debit cards inside.

• A transformer blew and the pole was falling on Washington Street. An officer, Engine 102 and Rescue 101 cleared the scene. Lines and pole were removed from the roadway. Contact was made with AEP and Frontier.

• A woman was arrested on North Court Street for a warrant out of Chillicothe Police Department. She was behaving erratically and allegedly had a 2x4 in her hand.

Monday, Jan. 13

• Homeland Credit Union reported their night deposit had a device that appeared someone was trying to “fish” out of the night deposit box.

• CPD received a call that the fence had been cut at the Circleville Self Storage, and an RV and storage trailer had been broken into. A second location has also been broken into.

• Storage units at 56 Storage Lockers were broken into and the handles were damaged; however, there doesn’t seem to be anything stolen.

• A caller reported a male subject walking in the alley on Watt Street going through garbage cans while wearing a white net over his face.

• Fletchers reported someone requesting a wench for a vehicle disabled on the railroad tracks. A second call was taken from Norfolk Southern Railroad requesting the location of the disabled vehicle. Officer on scene located the vehicle on West Ohio Street. The vehicle crashed into the “road closed” sign prior to getting stuck on the tracks. The driver of the vehicle was issued a citation.

Tuesday, Jan. 21

• A burglary alarm was activated.

• Caller advised of two vehicles in a possible-injury accident with a female inside one of the vehicles.

• A domestic violence tip was called in about an abusive alcoholic hitting their partner for years.

• Caller advised she had packages stolen from her porch.

• Sinkhole reported. A cone was placed over the sinkhole.

• Caller reported $500 and other things being stolen from their home.

Wednesday, Jan. 22

• A concern from a citizen was called in about suspicious activity on a credit card.

• Vandalism occurred with an apartment egged the evening before.

• Officer diverted from a traffic stop to an injury from a vehicle roll over accident with an entrapment.

• An accident was reported of a vehicle being hit, causing the other vehicle to roll over.

• A fight was reported with juveniles who were getting off of the school bus near a bus stop.

• Mutual aid was requested for alarm activation.

• A driver was reported on for driving carelessly.

• A fight was reported with 15 people involved.

• Suspicious vehicle reported.

Thursday, Jan. 23

• Shaun Kelly arrived on station to turn himself in on his warrant.

• A 9-1-1 called advised a female that someone had broken into her home while she was away and told her to find a shelter for her to go do. The female was distraught.

• An accident was reported on the intersection of Lancaster Pike and Watt Street.

• Suspicious person reported.

• Caller reported an incident of identity theft.

• Caller requested an officer for help with a missing child.

Monday, Jan. 27

• Officers advised a woman that there was a warrant out for her arrest.

• Caller advised officers of a car being unlocked and broken into, but the subject only took change.

• Caller advised officer of domestic trouble.

• Person reported in station of a bank card being stolen.

• Caller requested an officer for a stolen car.

Tuesday, Jan. 28

• Probation unity were heading to a location to pick up a subject with a warrant.

Wednesday, Jan. 29

• School resource officer marked the location with Children Services for a missing juvenile.

• Caller requested a file report with an officer for an identity theft.

• Caller reported domestic trouble.

• Caller reported of a burglary in process in their home.

Friday, Jan. 31

• Domestic trouble was reported in an apartment.

• Circleville Probation and Circleville Police Department marked out with the U.S. Marshalls for an arrest warrant.

• Caller advised they received a call from a tenant about domestic trouble.

• Caller advised they were hit in the rear by another vehicle and it took off. Caller requested an officer due to a male subject jumping out of the vehicle yelling and screaming.

• Caller advised someone stole her government check from her mailbox.

• Male advised he had a gun stolen out of his camper.

• Caller advised of domestic trouble.

• Caller advised a female had stolen cards inside and stated it was about to get physical.

Saturday, Feb. 1

• Caller requested to speak with an officer due to domestic trouble and threats.

• A caller advised about the egging of her car.

• An accident occurred at an intersection. Caller reported injuries to an elderly female to her neck and head.

• Caller advised a motorcyclist was ran over by a truck.

Sunday, Feb. 2

• Caller reported their utility trailer had been stolen overnight.

• Caller requested an officer due to two subjects appearing to be stealing items off the property.

• Male reported a fight with verbal altercations.

• Caller reported multiple unite being broke into.

• A theft in progress was reported.

• Caller reported of their television being stolen while they were sleeping.

Wednesday, Feb. 5

• Caller reported of domestic trouble involving the breaking of a car window.

• Caller reported domestic fighting with parents in the home.

• School resource officer reported a possible issue at a bus stop.

EDITOR’S NOTE: While charges have been filed by law enforcement officers against some of the above people, they have not been found guilty of violations. Charges against people may be dismissed or individuals may be found not guilty in court. Unless a person is found guilty, he or she remains not guilty.

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