Shawn G. Baer,

Circleville Police Chief

Friday, Sept. 10

• Caller advised that the neighbor threatened to “hurt her” over issues with the railroad ties between their properties.

• Caller stated he ran people off of his property and they threatened to vandalize his property.

• Caller stated a subject stole his truck approximately 20 minutes prior.

• Caller stated a subject was at an apartment attempting to retrieve his personal belongings and he was assaulted. An arrest was made on Christina Archer.

• Caller advised his neighbors were burning trash.

Saturday, Sept. 11

• Caller requested an officer due to an altercation between two females and a male. Caller stated the male subject had a knife. Caller advised the altercation was just verbal at that time.

• Caller believed her neighbor’s grill/propane tank was on fire.

• Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office advised a subject ran from ODNR near the boar ramp on U.S. Route 22 and they requested officers for the male in case he headed eastbound into the city. The subject had a warrant through Circleville Police Department.

• Caller advised that he heard a thud and what sounded like someone screaming, “murder.”

Sunday, Sept. 12

• Caller on station advised that she was involved in an altercation and wanted to speak with an officer.

• Caller advised that there were two males and two females fighting and a knife was involved.

• Caller stated he was assaulted and was bleeding.

• Caller stated a subject punched the glass out of her front door and was refusing to leave.

• Caller stated two vehicles were stolen.

• Caller stated a subject had warrants and was walking toward Ohio Street. He also advised that the female subject was in possession of a key fob for a vehicle previously reported stolen.

• An ER nurse advised two people were fighting in the back lot.

Tuesday, Sept. 14

• Caller requested to speak with an officer in reference to three subjects continuously harassing her. Caller stated they were stalking her and her residence.

• Caller advised a subject was in an active domestic altercation with him. Caller advised the female subject started punching him.

• Agency requested to be on the lookout for a stolen vehicle described as a 2009 gold Buick Lacrosse. Agency advised it was stolen by two juveniles, one female and one male, around 15/16 years old. Agency advised their names and said one of the juveniles had a GPS monitor and it was pinging at West Main and Western.

• Caller requested an officer due to his son fighting with him and even showing up to his work. Caller stated it all stemmed from him taking the valve stems off of his son’s vehicle. Caller stated if he wasn’t paying bills, then he wasn’t putting a brand new spoiler kit on his vehicle. Caller was concerned due to his son behaving aggressively that there would be an altercation when he reached the house.

• Caller requested an officer due to giving money to a subject. Caller stated the subject had taken his money and kept it while refusing to give it back.

• Caller wanted to speak with an officer due to a male subject making him feel threatened. Caller stated he was shaking. Caller declined the need for medical services.

Thursday, Sept. 16

• Caller advised people stole pumpkins. Caller advised that her children were on scene in a white truck. Caller stated the subjects involved were no longer on scene. Caller called back advising that she was not actually sure if anything was stolen, she just saw people around on camera.

• Caller requested an officer to an unknown subject stealing her medication from her vehicle.

• Third-party caller advised about a possible active domestic altercation.

• Caller stated her children’s bicycles were stolen.

• Probation marked out on a warrant service. An arrest was made by the probation department.

EDITOR’S NOTE: While charges have been filed by law enforcement officers against some of the above people, they have not been found guilty of violations. Charges against people may be dismissed or individuals may be found not guilty in court. Unless a person is found guilty, he or she remains not guilty.

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