Shawn G. Baer,

Circleville Police Chief

Wednesday, Jan. 6

• Caller requested an officer due to a 16-year-old juvenile female being aggressive and physical with her mother. The officer was able to calm the juvenile.

• Caller advised a dark-colored GMC trucked pulled into Ohio Heights near the dumpsters and was honking its horn. Caller advised the car parked over in Lincoln Heights and a male wearing a black jacket with white stripes and jeans exited the car and walked over to the truck.

• Caller requested an officer regarding someone knocking on her door who was not supposed to be there.

• Caller advised there were two people trying to break into a car in front of his location. Caller stated they had a Slim Jim to try to get in.

Thursday, Jan. 7

• Caller advised her upstairs neighbors were fighting in the apartment above hers. Caller stated they had been yelling, screaming, stomping around and woke up her kids.

• Caller requested to speak with an officer due to someone accessing his information on a debit card and using his stimulus money.

• Caller advised that her and her son were arguing with someone who was there to help her move in and he and his girlfriend got into an argument.

• Caller stated she saw her male neighbor throw his girlfriend into a door. The prisoner was transported to Pickaway County Jail.

EDITOR’S NOTE: While charges have been filed by law enforcement officers against some of the above people, they have not been found guilty of violations. Charges against people may be dismissed or individuals may be found not guilty in court. Unless a person is found guilty, he or she remains not guilty.

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