Shawn G. Baer,

Circleville Police Chief

Friday, Aug. 6

• Caller advised the male who was arrested that night was trying to break into her van and also the apartment downstairs.

• Caller requested to speak with an officer regarding a subject stalking her. Caller stated he was somewhere outside her house telling her everything she was doing.

• Caller advised of a fight between a male and a female subject and the male half was assaulting the female. Caller stated the male was skinny with no shirt and the female was wearing a tank top.

• Caller advised his motorcycle was stolen.

• Caller advised that she was involved in a verbal domestic with her son’s girlfriend and her sister. Caller advised no weapons were involved.

• Caller advised of a white male in dark blue jeans, with tools in his hand, busted the glass window. Caller advised that the subject was walking down the alley toward the pumpkin park.

• Caller advised a white male broke a window out of a vehicle.

Saturday, Aug. 7

• Caller requested officers to the location regarding her alarm going off for the detached garage and the dogs going crazy. Caller believed someone was breaking into the garage.

• Caller advised that a subject would not let her leave. Caller advised no weapons had been mentioned or involved. Caller stated that the male subject had been knocking her coffee out of her hand. Caller advised that the male subject was attempting to leave in her black forerunner.

• Pickaway county Sheriff’s Officer Deputy was speaking with a female and yelling was heard in the background.

• Subject on station advised that a female had harassed him by text. Subject advised that he wanted to talk with an officer about the situation.

• Officer located a male with an active warrant. An arrest was made.

Sunday, Aug. 8

• Caller requested the initial reporting officer to the location after continuing to receive threatening messages as she arrived at her home. Caller stated he is saying if she gets out of the vehicle, he was going to get her.

• Officer on scene requested a medic for a 38-year-old male in custody experiencing chest pains. Arrests were made on Betsy Sue Vangundy for a warrant out of Circleville Police Department, as well as additional charges, and Jason Edward Rains for charged of possession of controlled substance and tampering with evidence.

• Caller advised of a male subject arguing with the caller. Caller stated the subject was being aggressive.

• Caller advised an hour prior, a male subject was found squatting in her house. Caller advised that her son-in-law defended the residence and kicked the male subject out.

• Caller stated she had gotten into an argument with her husband and he had left the area northbound on Route 23 with her child in the car.

• Caller stated a male exposed himself while arguing with his girlfriend.

• Caller stated there was smoke coming from somewhere behind Arby’s.

• Caller stated that mulch was on fire.

• Caller stated her screen door was broken and she believed it was vandalized.

Monday, Aug. 9

• Caller advised of a verbal altercation at the location. Caller advised there were no weapons involved.

• Third party caller advised that his daughter was arguing with her husband.

• Caller advised she had paperwork for a previous theft.

• Caller request to speak with an officer regarding identity theft. Caller stated someone opened and account in her name while she was in prison.

• Officer marked out on a domestic situation at the entrance of PICCA, off Clinton Street. An arrest was made on Bradlee Boysel.

• Male on station to turn himself in on warrant. An arrest was made on Patrick Meinert.

• Caller requested an officer regarding someone truing to break into the back door of the residence.

Tuesday, Aug. 10

• Caller requested an officer due to her 25-year-old daughter (Pamela Taylor_ showing up at her residence behaving under the influence of narcotics. Caller stated she was attempting to bust through the front door. While on the line, the caller stated her daughter was in the house trying to fight everyone and kick down the bedroom door. An arrest was made on Pamela Sue Taylor for domestic violence.

• An arrest was made on Jeffrey Lawrence Lawhun for a warrant out of Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office.

• Anonymous caller advised of seeing a fire on a porch in the area. Caller was unsure of whether it was bonfire on a porch, but wanted it checked out.

Wednesday, Aug. 11

• Probation marked out with Michael Manby in custody. An arrest was made on Manby.

• Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office requested a Circleville Police Department unit to a location regarding a domestic.

• Caller stated her family was threatened by a man who constantly parked in front of her house.

• Caller stated a subject assaulted her daughter, so she hit him with a baseball bat.

• Caller requested an officer due to a guest being aggressive and intoxicated. Caller stated the male was about to get into his vehicle and leave. Caller described the vehicle as a beige Ford. Caller advised another guest went after the male in an attempt to talk him down from leaving. An arrest was made on Leslie Fyffe Jr. for DOC intoxication.

• Caller requested an officer due to a male form an earlier domestic showing back up to the location in a purple Equinox. The vehicle was parked in the front.

Thursday, Aug. 12

• Caller requested an officer due to his vehicle being egged. Caller stated he had it on camera.

• Caller requested to speak with an officer due to a subject following him and making threats. Caller stated the subject was no longer near him, but caller wanted to speak with an officer regarding the threats.

• Caller requested an officer to check around her property in reference to hearing what sounded like someone attempting to get in her back door. Caller stated she looked out of the window and saw a tall male dressed in all black. Caller was unsure if the male was still on her property or not at the time of the call.

• Caller requested an officer due to a subject driving around their home causing problems. Caller stated he was driving a white For 150 without a license and is now at the Kingston Bank.

• Caller requested an officer regarding a subject stealing a pack of cigarettes and a lighter from her and would not give them back.

EDITOR’S NOTE: While charges have been filed by law enforcement officers against some of the above people, they have not been found guilty of violations. Charges against people may be dismissed or individuals may be found not guilty in court. Unless a person is found guilty, he or she remains not guilty.

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