Shawn G. Baer, Circleville Police Chief

Robert Chapman, Deputy Chief

Friday, Feb. 14

• A 9-1-1 call told of an active domestic at a location. A report was taken.

• Caller advised of someone opening the front door of a residence and took off running somewhere in the area. The caller was unable to obtain a description. A report was taken.

• Caller reported that, while she was at the hospital, someone broke into her home and stole her television. Her back door was agate. A report was taken on theft.

• Caller advised his daughter was getting beat on by her boyfriend and requested officers. An arrest was made on Rodney Crago.

• Caller advised she had a protection order and there was harassment going on.

• Caller advised of medication being stolen from a location.

Saturday, Feb. 15

• A stove was sparking in an apartment and was reported by the caller as a fire. The appliance was checked and it was appearing to be faulty.

• Caller advised of a male subject trying to gain entry in her home’s back door. She reported the prowler was wearing grey jogger pants, a black leather jacket, a bandana and Nike shoes. The prowler then was reported to be wearing a blue hoodie with a black leather jack, black jeans, black shoes and a white and black bandana.

• Caller advised there was a couple outside punching each other. The couple denied any issues.

• Caller advised her son was flipping out. The parents were trying to hold him down and the mother is five months pregnant. The juvenile calmed down and the adults could then handle it.

• An assault was called in.

• Vandalism was reported of someone breaking the driver’s window of a truck. A report was taken on criminal damage.

Sunday, Feb. 16

• Caller advised of several suspicious juveniles in the area of her residence. The juveniles tore her mailbox off the post and threw it in the street. She advised there were two males that were seen walking between her house and the neighbor’s.

• Burglary was reported due to a lock being busted off of an RV and some items being taken.

• Caller advised her boyfriend just had beaten her and then stated his name. The male had punched and hit her in the ribs. She also reported he would not give her back her keys, phone or wallet. She left and went to Speedway. An arrest was made on Dustin C. Bruce for domestic violence.

Monday, Feb. 17

• Caller requested an officer due to her bank card being stolen and someone attempting to use it. The bank was reported as closed. A report was taken.

• Caller advised of an active fire in his mother’s bedroom. He reported everyone had evacuated safely, but the residence was fully engulfed at the time of the call.

• Caller stated the house fire was smoking again.

• Caller advised that the Fire Marshall was on scene and asked him to call because the house was starting to catch fire again upstairs.

Wednesday, Feb. 19

• Contractor reported of a terminated employee striking him in the face.

• Person on station with a subject of an active warrant for his arrest. A supplemental report was taken to the original and an arrest was made on Richard Greeno.

EDITOR’S NOTE: While charges have been filed by law enforcement officers against some of the above people, they have not been found guilty of violations. Charges against people may be dismissed or individuals may be found not guilty in court. Unless a person is found guilty, he or she remains not guilty.

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