Shawn G. Baer,

Circleville Police Chief

Robert Chapman,

Deputy Chief

Wednesday, June 10

• Caller advised of a white male wearing a camouflage hat and glasses and was beating on the apartment next door. Caller advised that he drove up in a white Jeep Patriot and one of his flip-flops did not have a bottom to it. He was screaming that he was going to kill the person in the apartment. A report was taken and an arrest was made on Leon Hettinger.

• Caller advised someone was fighting and stated she had the person had the other pinned in the corner and was banging her head on the wall. A report was taken on domestic violence and the attacker had left the area prior to officers arriving.

Thursday, June 11

• Caller advised there was someone inside the neighbor’s shed with a flashlight. Caller advised that the male resident passed away and it was just him and his wife who live at the house; he did not believe she would be outside in the shed at the time.

• Caller advised there was a male breaking into vehicles in the area. Caller described the male as white and approximately 20 years old and wearing black pants without a shirt and had a ball cap. Caller stated he was carrying a black backpack and was on a gold-colored BMX bike. Caller was last seen him heading toward Little Bear or Twin Oaks Apartments.

• Caller requested an officer regarding a fight she was having with her boyfriend. Caller stated she just wanted to leave during the call; there was a lot of yelling between the two of them.

• Caller advised of a trailer that was fully engulfed. Caller advised he was not sure of the address, but it was on the corner of Pontious Lane and Lancaster Pike. Caller advised there was heavy smoke in the area. A second caller on Pontious Lane advised of a lawn mower being fully engulfed. She advised she was attempting to put the fire out, but was not able to do so. The area was evacuated.

• Caller advised she was just walking by a location and there appeared to be a verbal domestic situation going on. She advised a male kept running out and slamming his fists. She advised she could smell the alcohol on him. Caller stated that she did not believe any weapons were involved.

• Caller advised of approximately five subjects she could hear outside fighting. She advised she heard one of them state to “go ahead and pull the gun on him.” Caller stated that the address was across the street and just west of a location. A second caller advised of two males she saw take off on foot on Mulberry Road. She stated there was one male subject in a tight-fitted white shirt and was chasing another male.

Friday, June 12

• Units marked out to a location with two in custody. An arrest was made on James Brantley Jr. and James Brantley Sr.

• Caller advised they were driving up Court Street and witnessed a female getting beat up. Caller stated they stopped and were with her. The male ran from the scene.

• Served prisoner Matthew Vanderpool and Mandy Cordell with copies of warrant that the department had on hand for them. A report was taken and copies of the warranted were fixed to the jail.

Saturday, June 13

• Caller advised of two males stealing items from the parking lot out by the road on Lancaster Pike. Caller stated they are driving a two-door red car.

• Caller requested an officer to a location due to her neighbors being back at the address when his mother had a restraining order against him. Caller stated the male half was screaming and yelling at the female.

Monday, June 15

• Caller advised a female was outside kicking the door and trying to get in the house. Caller stated that the female had never lived there and ran into her that day and flipped out.

• Caller advised his vehicle was broke into and there was another vehicle in the parking lot with the door wide open. Caller had to leave for work but believed it just happened because his interior light was still on when he went outside to leave. The vehicle was a 2004 Ford Ranger and blue in color. Caller was advised to call when he was home so an officer could get the inventory and check the vehicle for damage.

• Caller advised he heard a female screaming and yelling for help in her apartment.

• Caller advised she heard residents arguing and fighting inside the home. She advised that it sounded like the male (Ron Williams) was beating up the female (Melody Williams). Caller advised the male was on probation and had a house full of guns. An arrest was made on Ronald Leroy Williams III, also, Melody Sunshine Williams. Both prisoners were transported to Pickaway County Jail.

Tuesday, June 16

• Caller advised her 1994 Ford F-150 was stolen from the driveway sometime between 1 and 5 a.m. Caller stated the plate number and told that she bought the truck about six months prior, but had not been able to get the title switched over to her name.

• Caller advised seeing a male punch a female in her face as they were driving by. The witness advised the female stated her name.

EDITOR’S NOTE: While charges have been filed by law enforcement officers against some of the above people, they have not been found guilty of violations. Charges against people may be dismissed or individuals may be found not guilty in court. Unless a person is found guilty, he or she remains not guilty.

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