Shawn G. Baer,

Circleville Police Chief

Monday, Jan. 18

• Caller advised someone was inside the building over the weekend. Advised they had about for cell phones missing and the building was ransacked.

• Caller advised someone had been leaving the doors propped open and it was allowing kids to come in and they burned a hole in one of the couches left in the common area. They somehow found the key to the trophy case and left it opened. Caller advised the kids did not live in the apartment complex.

• Caller requested an officer to a location. Caller stated he was on his way to a site and said if he could not get in the house, he would break the windows. Caller stated there were babies at the house.

• Caller advised there was a fire in a trash barrel in the back of a location.

• Caller requested an officer due to getting off the phone. A male half was in the background. Caller stated someone kept yelling or the male half to get his hand off of her. Caller advised the male half was trying to get her wallet from her to get a food stamp card that she claimed she did not have.

Tuesday, Jan. 19

• Caller left a voice message regarding fraud and identity theft that he believed was against him. Caller stated he believed checks were being written in his name.

• Caller requested an officer to a location regarding her granddaughter’s house being broken into and ransacked. Caller stated there were several things missing. Caller stated she may have had the license plate numbers of the people that were there.

• Caller requested an officer due to observing a male with a gun between the doors of the bank. Caller stated he just appeared to be looking inside while holding the gun, as well as wearing a mask.

• Caller requested an officer to his residence referencing an assault. No further information was obtained. Caller no longer was communicating on the open line. No address or name was obtained. No call back number.

Wednesday, Jan. 20

• Caller requested to speak with an officer in reference to someone messaging him, wanting to start a fight with him because he went to the residence earlier to see if his mail was being delivered there.

• Caller requested an officer regarding a male arguing back and forth with another male. Caller stated they were acting weird.

• Person on station advised that someone kept coming over to her apartment and would stand near the complainant’s door and yell at her, cuss her out and was saying she’s going to beat her head in. She allowed her dog to use their yard and then laughed about it.

• Employee stated someone had been caught stealing.

• Caller advised she was allowing a homeless female stay with her and she just walked off with her expensive cat, which is a Maine Coon cat.

Thursday, Jan. 21

• Request of extra patrol due to an unknown subject going into the cemetery during the day and cutting trees down. Advised no one but the caretaker had permission to do that.

• OCU 2 requested a unit above the location for a possible break in or a squatter.

EDITOR’S NOTE: While charges have been filed by law enforcement officers against some of the above people, they have not been found guilty of violations. Charges against people may be dismissed or individuals may be found not guilty in court. Unless a person is found guilty, he or she remains not guilty.

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