Genesis Healthcare advised their pharmacist pulled their fire alarm. There is no fire but they can’t get the alarm to turn off. Checks OK. Accidental — CFD reset the alarm.

Caller advised of people screaming outside Main Street Pub. Checks OK.

Caller advised there is a maroon minivan in the Turner Alignment minivan that is running and it appears someone is in the driver’s seat passed out. Checks OK. They were at the wrong storage unit waiting on family members. They have gone to the correct place now.

Caller advised people who live in the apartment across E. Main St. were out screaming and now they have gone inside and she can still hear them. Squad on transport. Report taken.

Unknown female 911 caller screaming and crying saying she is out back and she was talking to her son. Information obtained. Caller was advised there was already an officer there on scene. We had received a call already about the screaming.

Extra patrol on Imperial Court. Checks OK.

Extra patrol on Mulberry Rd. Checks OK.

Extra patrol on Meadow Dr. Checks OK.

Extra patrol at OCU Maxwell Center. Checks OK.

Advised of an activated fire alarm at Pickaway Manor. Call cancelled per the alarm company.

Marked out at Smith Park on a park check. Checked OK.

Marked out at Barthelmas Park on a park check. Checked OK.

Caller advised her granddaughter and her boyfriend have been arguing and her son and him “got into it,” and he is refusing to leave. She advised he left earlier on an orange bicycle, but he came back to the house and has left again. Report taken on DOC fighting.

Caller advised of a residential panic alarm at the Joy Ct. residence. Call cancelled per the alarm company.

Caller advised her sister left her S. Pickaway St. residence last night at 2130 hours and she hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Subject is 20 years old and said she was going to stay with her grandmother but never showed up. All units were advised. 1301 hours, PCSO advised to cancel, the female has been located.

Caller advised there was a female carrying an infant and had a 2-year-old and a male walking with her behind the NAPA building. The caller stated the male hit the female and took off running behind the buildings. Unable to locate.

Caller advised her husband struck her aunt’s car in the alley beside the W. Mill St. residence. Report taken.

Caller advised his mother just left his residence and texted him to call the police, someone just hit her. Report taken on non-injury accident.

Caller advised her son lives in the area of Fairview Blvd. and there is a maroon Jeep Grand Cherokee with a flat front tire that has been parked there for three weeks. The owner was advised to get the vehicle repaired or moved.

Business check on Foundations4Youth. Checked OK.

Caller requesting to speak with an officer reference the bus stop at Ted Lewis Park. She advised that her child was almost struck by a vehicle because people are not stopping. The female had questions and they have been answered.

Caller advised there is a maroon two-door car that has two females inside and they are acting suspicious at Amity Home Health. Arrest made on Virginia M. Klingenberg. Warrant arrest.

Circleville Elementary School advised they will be conducting a fire drill around 2 p.m. Checked OK.

Caller advised he was just assaulted by a subject while on Meadow Dr. Report taken.

Caller advised the residents on Renick Ave. keep stealing shopping carts and dumping them behind her house and in the trees beside the old railroad tracks. Unable to make contact.

Alarm panel activation on probation office at Circleville Municipal Court. Checks OK.

Caller advised that her 5-year-old son’s behavior is out of control. Mom is requesting an officer to come and speak with the child. Call cancelled by mom — she advised she is going to take him to his behavior specialist doctor in Columbus.

Caller advising there are several subjects riding dirt bikes in the Sycamore Dr. subdivision. Checks OK, officer was not able to locate.

Caller advised her daughter and her boyfriend are at one of her properties right now and they are not supposed to be there and she wants them out. Daughter was advised her mom doesn’t want her there. Was advised her boyfriend wasn’t there and that she lives there and receives mail.

Caller advised a male and female were in Auto Zone attempting to steal. Took off when they knew they were being watched. No report taken, nothing was stolen.

Caller advising her fiance is screaming in her face telling her to get out of the house, and his son jumped in her face and shoved her with his chest. Report taken.

Complainant advising he found a small beagle dog that has a dog collar with tags on it but is unable to keep him and cannot get a hold of the dog warden. Information obtained; message was left for the dog warden.

Officer flagged down reference a harassment complaint. No report taken. They have been advised to stop contacting each other.

Commercial burglary alarm at Auto Mark. Checks OK — accidental.

Caller advising there is a black Toyota with Florida tags that has had the trunk up on it since Monday. Cleared with no report taken. Vehicle belongs to resident who is currently incarcerated at the Pickaway Co. Jail.

Caller advising residents at Walnut St. location are blaring their music and have several subwoofers. Officer spoke with residents; advised them to turn the music down.

Caller advising there is a Nissan Altima and a Ford Fusion parked at the end of the round about that is blocking the roadway at Chatham Ct. Checks OK.

Caller advised her 16-year-old son is acting out of control. Report taken on unruly juvenile.

Subject on station attempting to meet with unit. Information obtained.

Caller advised his mailbox is on Kimberly Place and is being blocked by a blue Cavalier that has been parked there for two months. The blue vehicle was not blocking any mail boxes and is legally parked in front of the residence it belongs to.

OSP requesting assistance on a traffic stop in which the driver and passenger switched positions. Call cancelled. Advised they no longer need assistance.

Unit advising of a female subject in the alley closest to Pickaway St. that is staring at a pot hole and stomping her feet. Checks OK; female has mental health issues.

Complainant on station advising she was at the Circleville Kroger around 5:30 p.m. She had a purse that was removed and it had $22 in cash and her check book. Report taken on theft.

Caller advising he found a small terrier breed canine that he about hit with his vehicle and he is unable to keep him. Information obtained; message left for the dog warden.

Caller advised of a female sitting up against Peebles. She is breathing but is passed out. Medic 2 transported to Berger.

Sergeant advising of a box commercial truck parked at the intersection of Plum and Watt, as well as a black pickup truck that is making it very difficult to see around them. Advised neither of the vehicles have been moved for a couple weeks. Checks OK. Vehicles are legally parked.

Caller reporting disabled truck in front of Logan St. Keys are supposedly locked in the vehicle. Check OK — still trying to get vehicle unlocked.

Third-party caller reporting some sort of domestic coming from Renick Ave. location. Caller advising an ongoing event. Both parties advised on DOC persisting.

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