Jan. 22

Advised subject is inside the UDF refusing to leave. He has been asked several times to do so, however he is refusing. The male has been advised and has left.

Advised individual was fired from the company about two weeks ago, and he just went to a client’s residence where another employee is currently at. The male got out of his vehicle, stopped in front of the car and said he was looking for the manager of the local office and the corporate manager in Columbus. She advised the employee individual is still at the residence and needs to speak with an officer reference the threats he had made. Report taken.

Advised she has not been home for four days because she has been in Mt. Sterling staying at her grandfather’s residence. Caller advised the neighbor just called and said there were people inside her house on Hayward St. selling drugs and there isn’t supposed to be anyone there. She stated she has a TPO against subject and he isn’t allowed at the residence either and when she left the residence she locked it up. Per the caller there is a pane of glass that subject put his boot through at the front of the residence and it is covered with a board. Checked okay — all the doors and windows were secured and there was no answer at the door.

Advised someone stole her purse out of her vehicle that was parked out back of The Pour House within the past 30 minutes. Report taken on theft.

Advised there has been a cream colored Cadillac SUV parked in front of the residence for two weeks on S. Pickaway St. and it hasn’t moved. Right rear tire marked

Requesting an officer make contact with subject and advise her she is no longer allowed in Boost Mobile due to stealing. The address she has for the female is not valid. The complainant will call when the female is back at the store, so she can be served the trespass letter.

Advised he was parking in front of the building on 150 block of E. Franklin St. and he hit a white car that was behind him. No report taken, no damage to the vehicle.

Advised her purse was just stolen and she has a GPS tracker inside it and she has located her purse in the area of N. Scioto St. and High St. Caller advised she is sitting in the alleyway between W. High and W. Water St. waiting for an officer. Supplemental report taken.

Caller requesting an officer due to the door to the office on Lancaster Pike being unsecured and no one there. Caller advised he went in to pay a bill to find out it was closed but the door was left unlocked. Officer made contact with an employee who secured the door.

Caller advised of a mother arrived to pick-up her child on 400 block of Nicholas Dr. while under the influence. Caller did not have vehicle information or location of residence. Made contact with PCSO to go out to the mother’s address, which is located in Pickaway County jurisdiction for a well-being check.

Caller requesting an officer due to subject running away from the establishment and returning after the PICCA bus had already dropped off the children on 400 block of E. Ohio St. *Unable to make contact with parent. **Sergeant transported juvenile to residence. Arrest made on Todd R. Reed for warrant out of the Circleville Police Department. Report taken. Prisoner transported to Pickaway County Jail.

Caller requesting an officer due to two subject verbally arguing in front of Memorial Hall. Male is described as wearing a camouflage coat and the female is wearing a darker coat while sitting on a bench. Unable to locate subjects in the area.

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