Traffic stop at Ohio Market. Citation issued.

Caller on N. Pickaway St. making noise complaint. Advising subjects running power tools and fighting among each other. No report. Will keep down the noise the rest of the night.

Norfolk Southern Railroad reports vehicle on tracks between S. Court and S. Pickaway St. off Huston St. Operator advises they are industrial tracks not currently in use. 911 caller reports same incident. Report taken. Party cited for OVI. Subject released to sober party.

Caller in 300 block alley of Walnut St. reports all neighbors dogs are barking and several loud crashing noises. Concerned people are getting into things. Nothing found.

Caller on S. Court and Walnut St. reports barefoot female walking in middle of street. Checks OK.

Caller on E. Union St. reports numerous cars coming and going from rear of residence. Arrest made on Greeno. Report taken.

Caller on S. Washington St. advises someone stole his bicycle. Report taken on theft.

Caller on Lewis Ave. advises repossession of 2015 Acura. Information obtained.

Marked out on traffic stop with vehicle on S. Court and Houston St. Arrest made on Chip Gillian. Possession. Report taken.

Caller requests to speak with officer in reference to locating some stolen plates that were taken from a customer’s vehicle earlier in the week on ex-employees car. No report taken. Complainant will contact owner to file report.

Caller on Atwater Ave. advises his vehicle was hit overnight while parked at residence. Report taken on hit-skip/

Caller on Walnut St. advises several juveniles walking in alley between 200 block and 300 block of Walnut St. beating on neighbor’s garage. Caller states they are walking in the area but keep throwing things in alley and would have climbed onto neighbor’s garage if they didn’t see her standing there. Called back advising she is unsure where juveniles went. Unable to locate anyone in area.

Caller advises her car was hit while in lot at Eagles. Report taken on property damage.

Caller on E. Main advises someone stole two wicker balls off her porch. Report taken on theft.

Caller advises a suspicious male is laying on a bench at the back of Homeland Credit Union. No shirt on and appears to be sleeping. Subject sent on his way.

Caller on E. Union St. advises of large fight in front of residence involving 10 subjects. Half the party left in Jeep-like station wagon, while other half left on foot down Abernathy toward E. Mound St. Caller states the male who assaulted the occupants of the gray station wagon walked into this residence. Report taken.

Subject came on station advising of white Ford van parked near units 371 and 372 that has been parked there a while. Unable to locate.

Caller on Fairview Blvd. requests officer due to unruly 15 year old juvenile. Supplemental report taken by officer.

Caller on Lewis Ave. advises his Acura was stolen. Had 1/2 tank of gas and 256 miles. contact made and caller advised the vehicle was repossessed today at 1156 hours. Report taken.

Traffic stop on E. Mound St. Citation issued.

Caller on Faye Ave. advises of female who was in her back yard knocking on her door. Advises when she made contact with her she advised the community wanted her to do a well being check on her. States she was throwing her arms around and could possibly be under the influence of something. Checked OK.

Caller at Ted Lewis Park requests officer due to juvenile trying to ride around on his bicycle while a group of juveniles are pushing him off the bicycle near the basketball courts. No clothing description provided. Caller requests officer drive through area. Call handled. Juveniles advised.

Traffic stop at Berger Hospital. Warning issued.

Alarm company advises of kitchen smoke fire alarm activation on Town St. Checked OK. Resident was cooking and kitchen got a little smoky.

Caller at Little Bear Market advises two subjects pumping gas at pump 4 who are intoxicated. Advises they circled the gas station at high rates of speed several times and went very fast through drive thru before pumping gas. Last seen pulling out of Little Bear, traveling toward town. Unable to locate.

Caller on Cedar Heights Rd. requests officer due to intoxicated female causing problems. Report taken.

Traffic stop on W. Franklin St. Warning issued. Vehicle parked for valid driver.

Traffic stop on E. Ohio St. and Clinton St. Warrant arrest made on Chester Lee Mize II. Report taken.

Traffic stop at Sutherlands. Warning issued.

Caller on E. Union St. reports someone knocking on her door, believes it is juveniles from across the street but has not seen anyone in the area. No subjects located in area.

Caller on N. Washington St. reports neighbors having a party and playing excessive music. Advises she asked them to turn it down and they turned it up.

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