Jan. 23

Advised there is some type of alarm going off in the basement on the 200 block of Town St. and she isn’t sure if it is a smoke alarm or carbon dioxide alarm. The caller was advised to evacuate the residence safely until the fire department could determine the alarm origin. Pickaway Township requested to handle.

Caller stated that the vehicles are parked in the 100 block of S. Court St. for over 2 hours in the 2-hr parking limit spaces. Owners advised to move vehicles before 2-hr limit.

Requesting an officer to meet at 1200 block of Turner Dr. to transport a prisoner of theirs to the county jail. Report taken on agency assist.

Advised she came out from shopping and there are two syringes laying beside her vehicle on 100 block of Lancaster Pike. She is parked near the gas station area in a dark green Chevy Blazer. The items were disposed of in a sharps container.

Non-active/caller stated that a female shoplifted items from the Duke and Duchess. Report taken

States that there is a used syringe in the alley off of Logan St. before S. Pickaway St. The item was disposed of in a sharps container.

States that there is an uncapped used syringe on the sidewalk in front of the residence on 100 block of W. High St. Caller placed a blue newspaper bag over it. The item was disposed of in a sharps container.

Advised there is a syringe laying in her yard on 100 block of Francene Ct.. Syringe disposed.

Was advised there was a wire down in the alley behind the business on 200 block of E. Main St. It was a phone line — the officer moved it out of the alley and Spectrum was advised.

Advised there is a large knife that is laying in the snow bank near the parking sign on 400 block of E. Main St. Report taken on recovered property.

South of Arby’s. Subject is in a white Mercedes throwing trash in the roadway. Subject picked up the trash.

Caller advising of hearing yelling and screaming coming from the residence on Gale Ct., as well as hearing a baby crying. Report taken on a verbal domestic dispute. 911 caller advised the domestic is still going on and caller heard someone scream “let her go” on Gale Ct. Supplemental to original report.

Caller on 300 block of Brown St. advised that she is receiving phone calls trying to scam her saying it is the IRS and there is a warrant out for her arrest. Information obtained, and caller advised she did not give any information to the caller.

Caller advising she was just rear ended in her 1998 Toyota Camry at intersection of N. Court St. and Collins Ct. She advised she is having pain in her neck, and she has her 3 children with her also, one whom is complaining of neck pain as well. Officers and medics were dispatched to this location already. Information obtained.

Caller requesting an officer to 700 block of E. Mound St. due to finding a white LG smart phone in their front yard. Report taken on found property.

Caller advising someone is banging on the side of his door on 100 block of Fairview Blvd. He advised he believes he saw a male subject with a light, but is not sure if he is still out there. Residence checks ok and home owner requesting extra patrol for the evening.

Caller advised of a down power line that is sparking on 400 block of E. Franklin St. The line is on her house. Checks ok and officer did not see any sparks. Caller has been advised to contact her electric company.

Caller advised that subject is at Speedway East and got him some coffee, but said he is not paying for it. Report taken on theft.

Officer marked out with a subject that has an active warrant out of our agency on 200 block of Walnut St. Report taken. Arrest made on Samuel K. Shearer.

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