January 28

At a Remle Road mobile home village, a caller reported around midnight that two subjects were arguing in a pickup truck. A female, according to the caller, exited the truck with infant who appeared to be wearing no more than a onesie. The caller saw the truck drive past him, unsure if the female got back into truck or not

A caller at the Rural King along U.S. Route 23 told police around 3 p.m. that a male was trying to return a pair of boots that he said he stole earlier in the morning. However, the caller said he was not the same man who took the boots.

Caller notified police around 4:30 p.m. about a subject holding a baby out the window of a vehicle that was parked near the entrance of a grocery store along Lancaster Pike Road. The subject’s gender was not identified.

January 29

Across from the courthouse, a 911 caller reported there were three cats in the hallway of his apartment complex that are not his. He said that he doesn’t want the cats there. The caller was advised to contact the apartment complex’s during business hours or possibly the Circle Area Human Society. He was further advised that his concern about the cats is not a 911-emergency call.

A caller indicated to police at 5:32 a.m. that her boyfriend started a fight with her and their mutual friend. She told police that the boyfriend hit her in the face and walked out. The incident occurred at an East Main Street location.

The Pickaway County Library alerted police shortly after 9 a.m. that someone left a weed grinder there, and asked if the police would come and get it. The police arrived and disposed of the grinder in the trash.

Police spoke with a woman at a grocery store along Lancaster Pike shortly before noon about an individual who has shown up at the site on consecutive nights when she was leaving work. The woman also said she has had to change her phone number. Police compiled a harassment report.

At 2:49 p.m., a caller advised that the male driver of a black older model Ford vehicle was speeding “around 100 mph” toward the city on Walnut Creek Pike. She advised the male passed four cars and is going to cause an accident. Two minutes later, she called again saying the driver was southbound on North Court Street near the cemetery and still driving at a high rate of speed. Police caught up with the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. The driver was advised about his driving habits.

Shortly after 7 p.m., a caller at the Rural King along U.S. Route 23 asked police to check out a man, who allegedly stole a wrench. The subject gave the wrench back, but the caller was concerned that he was sitting in a dark Pontiac next to a burgundy vehicle in the parking lot.

At a South Court Street McDonald’s, police fielded several calls about a male seen dragging a female by her hair and neck out of the eatery. The pair got into a red truck. Four calls came into the department. The initial call was shortly after 8 p.m.; a second caller told police he tried to block the truck in the parking lot, but it sped around his vehicle; a third caller reported the red truck was heading down Crites Road at a high rate of speed; a fourth caller said the male yelled at bystanders that the female was his daughter. The truck was traced to its registered owner, who said he is the girl’s father. He indicated that his daughter had run away and he found her at the fast-food eatery. CPD took a report of an unruly juvenile.

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